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These are videos that we didn’t produce or weren’t a part of.

“Timeline for Cooling on Earth 2017-2050: Rolf Witzsche / David DuByne ADAPT 2030 / Trevor S.O. (307)”

With the record warm temps that we have experienced in the northeast USA, people will be tempted to doubt the coming mini Ice Age.

What the media isn’t telling you? Record cold and record snow, which is what the rest of the world is experiencing.

Rolf, David and Trevor explain, in detail, why the world is turning into a snowball.

Remember the pre-election gloating?

Before the election, Democrats were celebrating Hillary’s “double digit, landslide” lead. 

Judge Jeanine Pirro Slams Obama. Goodbye, FIERY Don’t Miss

SBG enjoys the salty election aftermath

If you don’t like cussing, this video is not for you. If you want to get a good laugh at the triggered, whiny liberals, crying about Trump getting elected, you’re in the right place.