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DEMOCRATS have gone from “don’t trust anyone over 30” and “stick it to the man,” to becoming the man, older and in charge, RULING AS FASCIST, DICTATORS. Would “RATM” now flip them off?

Intense song with intense cussing. Many Americans are feeling this way.

Lock Them Up!

If President Trump & the Republicans don’t arrest the Democrat criminals who spied on Trump during his campaign, then they don’t deserve the right to accuse anyone of anything.

How many times did he say “lock her up?” Then, when elected, Trump did nothing!

One of the most important videos you will ever share

“This country was founded by dangerous men, and …

(Liberal nutjobs) “are writing Europeans out of their own history”

Liberals everywhere are forcing their multiculturalism on us through forced “immigration” and indoctrination.