Videos – External

These are videos that we didn’t produce or weren’t a part of.

“Mile-Long Lines: Trump Footage The Media Won’t Show”

America would be more amazing if it weren’t controlled by liberal, propaganda media & liberal, propaganda schools.

“‘Global Warming’ is a Crock of Sh*t”

Paul uses a little colorful language, but in my opinion, he doesn’t go far enough. I wish people were more angry at the dishonest crooks who are running our global governments!

Global warming, now called Climate Change, is being used to rob us of our hard-earned incomes, as the elitists line their pockets.

Meanwhile, we are heading, unprepared, into a period of global cooling, another Mini Ice Age.

“Watch their minds change on abortion”

If Democrats didn’t control our school systems, and if we were able to explain to our children what abortion really is, it wouldn’t be decriminalized in America.

Obama moves The Hood to the suburbs