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The war for the hearts and minds of American children is being fought

Christians and private schools should be watching California very closely. The Gestapo Democrats are going to use the anti-Christian/anti-conservative efforts as a model to crackdown on Christians and conservatives nationwide.

Too many Christians and conservatives are asleep, waiting for God to do the work for them. They believe if He’s not doing it, then it must be the second coming of Christ anyway, so who cares if they do anything.

The war for the hearts and minds of American children is being fought right now. Your children are being brainwashed, right now.

Democrats don’t believe disagreement is American, they believe anyone who disagrees with them should be in jail.

Police officers and army personnel who put rifles in the faces of Christian Americans, just because they disagree with Democrat brainwashing and indoctrination, should be ashamed of themselves.


DEMOCRATS have gone from “don’t trust anyone over 30” and “stick it to the man,” to becoming the man, older and in charge, RULING AS FASCIST, DICTATORS. Would “RATM” now flip them off?

Intense song with intense cussing. Many Americans are feeling this way.

Lock Them Up!

If President Trump & the Republicans don’t arrest the Democrat criminals who spied on Trump during his campaign, then they don’t deserve the right to accuse anyone of anything.

How many times did he say “lock her up?” Then, when elected, Trump did nothing!

One of the most important videos you will ever share

“This country was founded by dangerous men, and …