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“Watch Democrats react when their sacred cow is threatened!”

In 1971, 39 women died from back alley abortions. Democrats would have us believe hundreds of thousands, if not millions of women died. As usual, Democrats are selling fake news.

Abortion is Brutal

Dr. Levatino describes the BRUTAL PROCESS OF ABORTION to Congress.

“Sherriff’s demo of how magazine size makes very little difference”

Magazine restrictions “make it harder for civilians to defend themselves from violent, criminal attacks.” They are also another stepping stone DEMOCRATS use to get to their ultimate goal, to BAN all GUNS.

“Christian, Yazidi Refugees Forced to Flee Germany from ISIS Persecution”

Think about it. Germany has allowed millions of Islamic “immigrants” to flood their country, most of them militant young men, who openly protest and riot in the streets, screaming how they will take over the country one day.

Christian & Yazidi refugees are now “Forced to Flee from ISIS Persecution.” Germans are committing national suicide.

This pattern is visible around the world. All western nations are being handed over to Islamic militants by liberals/Democrats. There is no doubt, it’s just a matter of time. Islamic law will become normal in every country.

It will happen slower in America. We didn’t open the floodgates like the rest of the world did. At least not to Muslims. Instead, we kicked the door wide open to Mexico and other Latino countries, allowing Latinos to take over America first.

Considering we went from 4 million Mexicans in 1964 to over 60 million today, you can see the writing on the wall. Since we continue to allow anchor babies, and thousands of Mexicans are still pouring over the “border” every day, well, you know.


As Democrats and liberal Republicans dominate federal elections because of this demographic shift, they will open the door completely to Islamic countries. Then, we, like the rest of the world, can expect this: