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These are videos that we didn’t produce or weren’t a part of.

Democrats And Liberals Are Misleading The World

Democrats continue to show us fake charts. Take a look at this one. It’s obvious we are headed into another ICE AGE! Why do we listen to democrats, people who are pointing us in the wrong direction.

Global warming is not happening. Yes, climate change is real, and mankind has nothing to do with it.

Am I A Villain?

According to Jordan Peterson, “a villain is a person who isn’t acting like a person should act, and a hero is a person who is acting like a person should act.” So, if I am not trying to end abortion, AM I A VILLAIN or a hero?

You’re A Man, You Can’t Have An Opinion

“You can’t be raped,” and “you’re a man, you can’t have an opinion.”

That’s her criteria for why a man can’t defend babies from murder.


Why Do Republicans Get Arrested For Things Democrats Get Away With?

One example:
Democrats manage to get their children into colleges where they obviously don’t qualify to gain entry.
Yet when Republicans bend the rules to get their children in, they go to jail. Democrats believe “do as I say, not as I do.”