“Carol Early – A message to pastors”

“How The Fed Is Killing The Global Economy”


I’ve been watching Peter Schiff for a long time. His main gig is gold, and he’s a smart guy. In this video, (at the bottom of the article) he explains the current market situation.

I have been saying these things for years, and it’s nice to see someone as smart as Peter, putting it all together in 15 minutes.

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“Family Members of Benghazi Victims React to ’13 Hours’ Film on ‘The Kelly File'”

What did Hillary say to family members of benghazi victims? If she were Pinocchio, her nose would be extremely long!

Mike Huckabee – Closing Statement

Pro-Life former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee gave a powerful closing statement, defending the pre-born

Can God bless America when “we continue to slaughter 4,000 babies a day,”