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My interview with PRO-LIFE Vice President Pence

Kyle Rittenhouse Defended Himself from Democrat Terrorists

What the Democrats don’t want you to know & what they won’t tell you about the shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Kyle Rittenhouse cleaned terrorist graffiti off the walls of businesses, provided first aid and defended himself from a violent, criminal mob.


How the Democrat-Controlled Social Media and the IRS Tried to Stop Me

This isn’t something that just happened to me. As time went on, I learned that pro-life, Christian , Republican and conservative people were all being messed with by the Democrat-controlled media and the IRS.

For years though, I thought it was just me, and it was very discouraging!

At the end of the video, approximately nine minutes and 10 seconds in, I make a statement that I was proving that you can be a non-profit and pro-life. I accidentally said you could be non-profit and a 501(c)(3).

I will expand that a little bit and say you can be a non-profit and still be an outspoken pro-life Christian who speaks out against bad politicians while supporting good politicians.

Unfortunately, Many City Police Are Pro-Abortion

Unfortunately, Many City Police Are Pro-Abortion

Pro-Life warriors “SFLA Partnerships Adviser Warner DePriest and Student Leader Erica Caporaletti were arrested on the scene.”

Many city police aren’t pro-life. Most of them probably have their phone numbers on direct dial from Planned Parenthood. When democrats do something like this, the police stand down. As soon as it’s a PRO-LIFE PERSON, “you’re UNDER ARREST!”

Ironically, a lot of the police officers who respond to these calls are black. They don’t realize their population is in a demographic free fall. Most black babies are being killed by their mothers, who use abortion to get rid of that little “problem/inconvenience.”

Will these pro-life heroes get a no-bail release like all the black lives matter terrorists have been getting? I doubt it.

Planned Parenthood is a protected baby-killing facility.  President Clinton passed the main law that protects baby killing mothers while they are going in to dispose of their children.

F.A.C.E. –  Freedom of access to clinic entrances. First of all, these are not clinics.” They are baby killing facilities. If anyone does anything to stop a woman from killing her child in Planned Parenthood they will face a federal prison.

Imagine, black lives matter and Antifa terrorists have been rioting, burning and looting America for the last 7 weeks. Very few of them are arrested, and if they are, they are let loose immediately. Will any of them stand trial? Again, very few.

Police officers who arrest pro-life heroes should be ashamed of themselves. We are not violent. We don’t threaten anyone. We are involved in peaceful, pro-life efforts. Yet Democrat politicians treat us like we’re terrorists.

Barack Obama’s 1st pursuit when elected was to put pro-life organizations and people on the terrorist watch list. No, this isn’t a joke. He was actually doing that.

Fortunately, America spoke out and forced him to stop. When democrats take control though, you can be sure they will do it again.

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