How Do Democrats Dispose Of Murdered, Aborted Humans?

“Satan laughing, spreads his wings.” HOW DO DEMOCRATS DISPOSE OF MURDERED, ABORTED HUMANS? They sell body parts, they incinerate them, they grind them up in disposals, they throw them away in dumpsters and they sell complete bodies.

And while Satan is laughing, murdering over 43 million humans by abortion every single year, what are Christians doing?


Why Aren’t Liberal Women Happy?

95% of Hollywood girls ride motorcycles, fly planes, fight & shoot guns. In real life, not even 1% of girls do those things.

Hollywood is so desperate to make girls into boys. Psychologists teach us to be happy with who we are.


“REAL CONVERSATIONS: I’m Pro-Life | Change My Mind”

Unlike Europe and America, Hungary protects their nation

The United States and European nations have allowed their countries to be overrun by so-called “refugees” and immigrants. Every country participating in this insanity has or will collapse, as everything they stand for, is being replaced by opposing values.

For most countries, including the United States, it is already too late. Hungary recognizes the problem, and they refuse to let it happen to them. They have put up barbed wire fences all around their nation, and they’re patrolling their borders.

Unfortunately it is too late for many countries, including the United States. The worldview and values of these nations are being replaced with those diametrically opposed to the founding fathers.

The only thing we can do now is defend what’s left, and defend our freedom of speech. Democrats/liberals around the world are shutting down freedom of speech by calling it “hate speech.”

If we don’t, someday, it will be illegal to say “may God bless America.”

Watch “respect for Hungary,” and see what it looks like to be protected by your government.