Secession or Civil War

Democrats Claim To Hate Guns, They Don’t

If Republicans lose, without Democrats obviously cheating, they accept the loss, bow down gracefully and try to do better to win next time.

When Democrats lose, they ALMOST ALWAYS accuse Republicans of cheating, start investigations using taxpayer money, and whine incessantly.


Will Democrat-Controlled America Deny Healthcare to Conservatives?

Democrat-controlled banks are now closing accounts of conservatives. What’s next?
– Will lenders deny home loans to conservatives?
– Will Democrat-controlled auto shops refuse to work on our cars?
– What about Democrat-controlled hospitals? Will they refuse to save conservative lives?
– Will Democrat-controlled health care providers refuse healthcare for conservatives?


Power tends to corrupt and Democrats with absolute power are corrupted absolutely.

To those of you who say there won’t be a Civil War, & to the rest of you who say states won’t secede from the union, you have no understanding of reality.

Democrats are bullies, & in 2024, when the federal takeover is complete, you will see how absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I pray we have a peaceful secession.