Secession or Civil War

“Town Hall?” More Like Democrat Hatchet Job

“Town Hall?” More Like Democrat Hatchet Job

“While Grandpa Gropes was being verbally caressed by Stephanopoulos on ABC, the president was subjected to a barrage of ridiculousness from a partisan, agenda-driven shrieking harridan in the form of Guthrie.”

Savannah Guthrie did a good job as the attack dog for the Democratic Party. Her hatred and disdain for President Trump was obvious throughout the event. I’m sure she got a big bonus for the vitriol which oozed from her lips.

One thing that’s obvious from public events where Democrats interact with President Trump, they have no respect for him. They don’t talk to him as if he is an equal, they talk to him as if he is an enemy of the state.

Nope, Democrats don’t even pretend to be fair.

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@TeamTrump Account Unlocked!

Crooked Democrats tried to block President Trump’s Twitter account. Unfortunately for them, over half of the United States likes our president and we spoke up about it!

If you have an account, go to Twitter now and retweet the post that exposes crooked Joe Biden.

(@TeamTrump) :
We are back and we are re-posting the video Twitter doesn’t want you to watch.

Lies Injustice and the Russian Way

Conservatives & other people who believe in freedom are manipulated by THE DEMOCRAT-controlled social and regular MEDIA. This IS WORSE THAN RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA. They were communist!

I’m stunned that pro-life people are now pro-abortion because of them. How are good people so easily manipulated by evil?

Democrats believe they can rule over all Americans just by stealing control of our political system. At least half of America will not put up with that. This is why Democrats want to remove our first and second Amendments.

They can’t allow Americans to speak the truth and they certainly can’t allow Americans to defend themselves. This nation will split. That is a 100% reality. How soon and how we split are the only questions.

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Former Twitter CEO wants to have us lined “against the wall and shot,” Facebook working hard to block Trump

Fascist Facebook is going full in on election interference. They want to make sure their guy, Hide’n Biden, wins the presidential election.

Facebook Removes 216 Trump Ads About Joe Biden, Covid and Refugees

Meanwhile, former Twitter CEO wants to have us “lined up against the wall and shot in the revolution.”

Democrats are tyrants and Americans are waking up to their tyranny. They think they will be able to take over America and just line us “up against the wall” and shoot us.

Democrats are dreaming. We know that’s why they want to remove the Second Amendment and we know that’s why they want to confiscate our guns. Not gonna happen!

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