Challenging Abortion And The Baby killers

The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that the dignity of all human life demands respect and that abortion is gravely sinful.”

It’s time for all churches to stop giving communion to baby killers in government, like Nancy Pelosi.

These brutal politicians should not be allowed to support abortion and other baby killing laws whenever and wherever possible, only to be given the church’s blessing every Sunday.

The words “the body of Christ and the blood of Christ” should not just be empty. They should have meaning!

When Pastors Don’t Teach Truth

Pastors, this is what you get when you don’t teach truth.

Abortion supporting, baby-killer Maxine Waters claims “God is on OUR side!” (she declared, as THE CROWD WENT WILD.) “On the side of the children.

Not really sure why Democrats think God supports killing babies in the womb.

Churches today either support or they refuse to challenge pro-abortion candidates. Sad. All that does is encourage them to kill more babies.


Establishment Republicans enjoy cheap labor while giving votes to the Democrats. The Koch brother weasels are responsible for the Republican Party moving hard to the left, giving money to politicians who obey them.

John Binder from Breitbart says:


God the Father

When talking about God, DEMOCRATS, HOLLYWOOD AND LIBERALS say “how do you know God isn’t female?” The question makes it clear they HAVE NO CONNECTION TO OUR HOLY FATHER. “Throughout the Gospels, Jesus makes more than 150 references to God as a father.”