Europe Rejecting “Immigration” Insanity

Yes! Europe is doing a much better job than America at rejecting left-wing nutjobs who are trying to replace their populations with illegal and legal aliens.

We waited too long, & unlike Europe, we will lose our identity over the next ten years. Democrats and establishment Republicans have made sure to fill America with over 60 million Latinos, who will replace the fabric and culture of America.

Why would we want Latino culture to be dominant in America? Name one Latino country we should emulate ourselves after.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying anything directly against Latino individuals, personally. Obviously though, They don’t do a very good job of electing decent leadership.


– Venezuela – no explanation necessary

– Mexico – no explanation necessary

– El Salvador – no explanation necessary

– Guatemala – no explanation necessary

– Nicaragua – no explanation necessary

I could go on and on. For those of you who don’t know, and don’t understand why I keep saying “no explanation necessary,” If you understood anything about Latin American countries south of the United States, they are all filled with violence and corrupt leaders.

Think about it. If Latin American countries are so great, Why are tens of millions of them sneaking into America illegally? Why aren’t Americans or other people from around the world trying to sneak into their countries?

The answer? Because most of them are dangerous, violent hellholes. You can accuse me of being racist all you want. If you refuse to answer my questions then you’re just being ignorant and stupid.

There are many good Latino people. Unfortunately, they’re not the ones running the countries. For some reason, Only the psychotic ones run for government and/or get elected.

Most of the Latinos who are in office for running for office in the United States are psychotic people. Like Democrats, they believe anyone who doesn’t believe what they believe should be eliminated, ignored and not allowed to be in office. Democrats are dictators and Latino leaders of wanna-be leaders are the same.

As Democrats take control of the United States, they will fill our country with people who don’t believe what Americans have believed for hundreds of years, that we have a better way.

Democrats / Latinos and other anti-American people will outlaw freedom of speech and anyone who speaks against them. American patriots will be shamed, shut down, fired, rejected and incarcerated.

Europe doesn’t have a problem with Latinos as much as it does violent Africans and Islamists. I grew up over there. I saw it firsthand. Many Africans and Islamists reject European culture and they don’t want to assimilate. Many of them have disdain for European people, and they openly talk about replacing their western populations.

Europe typically doesn’t have right-wing parties like our Republican Party in the United States. They have left-wing, less left-wing, moderate left-wing and what they call “far right”, which means right-of-center Democrats.

In Switzerland they call it the “Rechtsrutsch” – a “slide to the Right.” Nationalist people all over Europe are sliding to the right.

Democrats/liberals all over the world see replacement as their future. They know if they can pack all the countries with foreign citizens, they ensure themselves power forever.

German left-wing Democrat leaders openly talk about replacing German people with peoples from other countries. They openly state how German people, specifically right-wing people, are evil and need to be replaced.

The common theme you will see all over the world is Democrats / liberals hate white people. They believe whites are colonial fascists who need to be replaced. American Democrats are openly talking about fighting and killing anyone who doesn’t believe what they believe.

The federal Republican Party is practically left-wing democrat, so we can’t expect any help from them. they hate Donald Trump and nationalists just as much as Democrats do.

Because of this, Americans “haven’t seen it coming.” the federal Republican Party has allowed Democrats to get away with whatever they want. Example, Hillary’s email server debacle.

Just on that one issue alone, Hillary Clinton should be locked up in federal prison for the rest of her life. every other American peon would’ve been arrested and the key would’ve been thrown away, but not Hillary. She gets a pass.

Why would Donald Trump do this? Why does he turn his back on one of the biggest American criminals we have ever had running for president? Either he is part of the new world order, or he is just that ignorant. Either way, it’s bad.

Enough for now.

Peace, out.

Peter Shinn
Pro-Life Unity
United we stand ~ Divided they die
Cherish Life Ministries
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America’s Future

There is a lot we can learn from the movie “Black Panther.”

Black Panther’s Wakanda is everything Democrats hate. A country with protected borders, with patriotic citizens chanting “Wakanda forever!” They seal themselves off, refusing all immigration, while protecting their technology, which could have saved millions of lives if they would have shared it.

Their nation is a part of Africa, where millions have starved. Yet they turned their backs on their brothers and sisters.

Killmonger, a violent, misogynist, brutal thug, son of a murdering thug from Wakanda, MURDERED and harmed innocent women and men, then becomes the “rightful” king of Wakanda in “Black Panther.” He represents how Democrats will rule over anyone who dares oppose them.

Democrats fight tooth & nail to flood America with Latinos, yet in Black Panther they say “You let the refugees in, they bring their problems with them. And then Wakanda is like everywhere else.”

True irony.

This is the reason Democrats give for refusing to allow immigration.

Side note. A woman who is charged to heal one of the white CIA officers exclaims “Great, another broken white boy for us to fix.”

Wow. Racist much?

I digress.

In the end, The king of Wakanda says “the illusions of division threaten our very existence.” We all know the truth. More connects us than separates us. But in times of crisis… the wise build bridges… while the foolish build barriers. we must find a way to look after one another… as if we were one, single tribe.

This is absolute, insane stupidity. South of the border, there is no stability. Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala and others are havens for violent, murdering, rapist, child kidnapping thugs. Democrats and Republicans have been allowing these thugs to flow unchecked into America for 50 years. The result is tens of thousands of murdered Americans, and millions of Americans who have been raped, robbed, kidnapped and violently attacked.

The movie understood that a nation has a right to protect its citizens. Where they went wrong is by being selfish elitists, who only kept their technology for themselves.

When Democrats take over, and they will, they will rule as brutal dictators. Democrats will not allow anyone who disagrees with them to have any kind of power.

Over the last 50 years, over 50 million Democrat-voting Latinos have poured into America. Add to that number tens of millions of illegals. They and their offspring will ensure the Republican Party Will never win federal elections again.

We have already seen what they can do with Conservatives through social media. They cut them off, accusing them of being Nazis and haters.

Since Democrats control all information media, America is only slowly hearing about this.

Democrats often accuse Republicans of being like Nazis. It’s a clever tactic. On the other hand, Democrats truly behave like Nazis. They shut down anyone who disagrees with them, and they make everyone think conservatives, libertarians and Republicans should be shunned.

This is exactly what the Nazis did with the Jews.

Even though Democrats are the true incredibly wealthy elitists, they point to the Republicans and accuse them of being the “one percent.” They whip up the hate against the Republican Party.

Remember? This is exactly what the Nazis did with the Jews.

The Nazis drew cartoon caricatures of Jews, showing them as evil, greedy, money mongering people. Using media and posters, they brainwashed the German people into thinking Jews were horrible people who deserved whatever came to them.

As the Germans started rounding up the Jews, sending them to concentration camps, the German people were all too willing to help get rid of the undesirable Jewish people.

Democrats have taken their hatred of mankind one massive step further. Using abortion, They are annihilating The black population of America. In New York City, a black person has a greater chance of dying, murdered by her mother, then she does of being born.

Using abortion, Democrats have slaughtered over 65 million people in the United States of America alone. Adolf Hitler would be amazed at the efficiency of the Democrat party and their mass slaughter of humanity.

There actually was a connection between the Democrats and the German Nazi party of World War II. Margaret Sanger and the Democrats collaborated with the Nazis on how they could cull populations of undesirables.

When Donald Trump became the legally elected president of the United States, the Democrats almost lost control. Well, they did lose control, just not completely. If they would have had complete control of the army, they would have staged a military coup.

Fortunately for America, so far, completely taken over our military, yet.

As it is, Democrats already control our schools, our unions, the IRS, our churches and much of the other important parts of the infrastructure of the United States.

For those of you who claim they don’t control our churches, remember the 501(c)(3). This was put in place by Democrats to make sure that church leaders would shut up and not speak about important, political issues. Because the IRS is run by Democrats, a left-leaning church is free to speak against Republicans all they want. In those churches, pastors and priests can call Republicans Nazis all day, every day.

Right-leaning churches and nonprofit organizations who dare step out of bounds are immediately challenged by the jackboots of the IRS, Who often don’t even bother threatening to remove their 501(c)(3) status, they just do it.

Anyone who reads my articles regularly will notice the recurring theme. Democrats are taking over, and when they are done, anyone who opposes them, will be in serious trouble.

We will certainly be safer in socialist countries, perhaps even China.

The only freedom Democrats believe in is the freedom they will allow us to have. At the moment, the only thing stopping them is our right to bear arms. They are working hard, day and night to get rid of that right.

Regardless, they know, once they take over the military, like they have taken over everything else, we don’t stand a chance anyway.

Peter Shinn

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Baby-killing Democrats are Financed, Focused and Fervent

Why is the pro-abortion, BABY-KILLING COMMUNITY so much more FINANCED, FOCUSED and FERVENT than the pro-life community?

It’s been 45 years and 65+ million babies have been slaughtered, so far, yet it feels like the end to abortion is nowhere in sight.

I realize the pro-abortion, baby killing Democrats control the schools, media and entertainment, but God is on our side, isn’t he?

The point I’m making is that I believe Christians are either:

  • waiting for God to end abortion
  • or they believe mankind is getting ready to be condemned for allowing it
  • or they believe God will end it in His time of choosing, not ours
  • or Christians just don’t believe God wants to end abortion

I’m not saying pro-life Christians don’t do anything. There are a number of determined pro-life Christian activists. My guess is around 300,000 around America.

I’ve been honored to be a part of the activist pro-life community for much of my life, and I have traveled America to pray and protest with many other of God’s chosen few.

If you haven’t seen our pro-life YouTube channel, please click here to check it out. I say our, because many people over the years have been part of the Pro-Life Unity team.

The reality is, the pro-life community doesn’t have a fraction of the money that the Democrat, pro-abortion / baby killing community has. We don’t have a fraction of famous people speaking publicly defending babies. We don’t have the brainwashing power over our children like Democrats have.

We do have God, and even though He is more powerful then all of those other things combined, we need to come together as a strong pro-life community and end abortion, child killing once and for all.

“Christian, Yazidi Refugees Forced to Flee Germany from ISIS Persecution”

Think about it. Germany has allowed millions of Islamic “immigrants” to flood their country, most of them militant young men, who openly protest and riot in the streets, screaming how they will take over the country one day.

Christian & Yazidi refugees are now “Forced to Flee from ISIS Persecution.” Germans are committing national suicide.

This pattern is visible around the world. All western nations are being handed over to Islamic militants by liberals/Democrats. There is no doubt, it’s just a matter of time. Islamic law will become normal in every country.

It will happen slower in America. We didn’t open the floodgates like the rest of the world did. At least not to Muslims. Instead, we kicked the door wide open to Mexico and other Latino countries, allowing Latinos to take over America first.

Considering we went from 4 million Mexicans in 1964 to over 60 million today, you can see the writing on the wall. Since we continue to allow anchor babies, and thousands of Mexicans are still pouring over the “border” every day, well, you know.


As Democrats and liberal Republicans dominate federal elections because of this demographic shift, they will open the door completely to Islamic countries. Then, we, like the rest of the world, can expect this: