The Result Of Controlling The American School System

Democrats have successfully manipulated the minds of our children, making them Anti-American, anti-God and anti-family.

I agree, in many cases, the apathy of the parents contributed to these results.

Yeah, these whiny cucks are the future of America.

“Western Sharia Police”

Did you know? As a Christian, you can be arrested for standing in “public” areas if you are praying. On the other hand, Muslims are given free reign to put down their prayer rugs wherever they want to.

The Saint – More Catholic Bashing

In the movie The Saint, the woman says to Simon “Saintly courage. You really are a Templar.” To which close captioning shows [Simon chuckles] then responds with:

“Templars are nothing but a boys own bedtime story of medieval knights gone bad.”

Really? “Medieval knights gone bad?” Knights Templar were wealthy men who risked everything to fight the Muslims who were trying to conquer the world. The knights paid for everything themselves, including their food, horses, Squiers and more.

As usual, Democrat movie makers show us how lazy, anti-Christian & anti-Catholic they really are.

Some Republicans STILL Have A Problem With Legal Immigration

Governor John Kasich, America is already the most generous country in the world. I don’t know why you think it’s necessary to bring in millions of criminals and poor people who will commit crimes & will be on welfare, IN FRONT OF ACTUAL, LEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

Because of the policies of Republicans like you, and Democrats who pursue countless Latino Democrat voters, real income is a fraction of what it used to be, with the relatively few jobs that are left over after politicians like you filled them with cheap labor.

According to you Gov Kasich, “The Lord doesn’t want Americans opposing the migrant caravan.”


If it’s all the same to you, I would prefer the Lord telling you what he wants you to do, without filling America with Democrat-voting Latinos who wave the Honduran and Mexico flags, while burning and painting swastikas on the American flag.

It’s cases like this where I totally understand agnostics and atheists.

Governor Kasich, you truly are one of the “privileged” individuals who have no idea what’s going on in this country. Millions of Americans can’t afford health care or pay their bills, yet you want to continue policies that will bankrupt the entire country.

Please spend more time working on ending abortion and less time destroying America.

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