Race & Religion

“BLACK PANTHER EXPOSED: Witchcraft Served to the Black Community”

Don’t take my word for it. Watch the video. There is a lot more to the Black Panther movie than you might think.

“Morgan Freeman on Racism and Black Lives Matter”

Morgan Freeman doesn’t believe in playing the victim card. “I’m not African, I’m an American.”

Black Woman Destroys White Privilege

This is the best, honest rant against white privilege I have ever seen. The only thing I disagree with is her accusation of Jewish privilege. If she would say “and this is why,” that would be one thing. To just throw out that anti-Jewish statement without saying why is rude.

The rest of it is outstanding though!

“Student Implies Ben Shapiro Is White Privileged, Gets A Proper Reply From Ben”

Ben Shapirois one of the most articulate and intelligent people. It’s amazing how many facts he can get out in such a short amount of time!