Race & Religion


Anne Hathaway says “ALL Black People Fear For Their Lives DAILY”

“SomeBlackGuy” sets her straight.

Biased, left-wing “Australian News Channel Produces Hit Piece on Lauren Southern”

Democrats/progressives are the same around the world. They are intolerant against anyone who believes anything other than what they believe. They preach tolerance and they demand inclusivity, yet their hatred is extreme and they want nothing to do with anyone who is not Democrat / progressive.

In England, anyone who speaks the truth is attacked, incarcerated or banned from the country. America is heading in this direction, fast.

Lauren Southern has been traveling the world exposing hatred toward Christians and whites while showing the reality that Islam is not only accepted, in the “progressive” countries, including the United States, it is the preferred religion.

“The Inconvenient Truth About the Republican Party”

“There is a party with a long history of racism and sexism, and it ain’t the Republican Party.”

“Whoops! That Didn’t Work! 😆”

CNN interview of Dr. Martin Luther King’s nephew backfires.