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Proof That Democrats Planned To Take Over America Using Racism

The YouTuber Mr. Reagan has a lot of important information about this topic. The critical part of this video is at 8 minutes and 10 seconds in. He plays a documentary from 1969 which points out exactly how the democrats used racism to take over America.

I strongly urge you to watch that short segment.

Tommy Sotomayor Points Out How The Anti-White Racism In America Results In Innocent White People Getting Arrested

Tommy Sotomayor Points Out How The Anti-White Racism In America Results In Innocent White People Getting Arrested

Why are black people allowed to provoke and threaten white people? Why can’t white people defend themselves when threatened by black people?

Tommy Sotomayor explains why the white woman had a right to pull her gun. She didn’t overreact, our own government and employers did.

Think about it. The white woman and her husband were threatened with violence, yet they would up arrested and they lost their jobs.

The anti-white racism in America has created an environment where white people will do everything possible to avoid interaction and possible confrontation with black people.

Democrats are dividing America like never before. “A nation divided” is a nation democrats exploit to increase their power.

All White People Are Not White Supremacists

OK, I’m not going to deny that there are some white supremacists around today. You also can’t deny that in every race three are extremists. One thing is for sure I’m sick and tired of democrats calling all white people, white supremacists!

It’s time for DECENT, normal DEMOCRATS to STEP UP and tell them to stop. It’s time for Republicans to recognize this race sham for what it is, and demand that the DEMOCRATS STOP!

I don’t doubt that Hollywood has been filled with white supremacists in the past, but I seriously doubt the people of today working there are anything like that.

I’m not defending the white supremacists in Hollywood and in the Democrat party, they are the founders of the KKK after all!

If there really were white supremacists in Hollywood today, I seriously doubt there would be so many millionaire black actors and actresses.

I can’t believe I’m coming to the defense of baby-killing democrats in Hollywood.

Sarah Jones, you aren’t having problems with your acting career because of white supremacists. It’s probably because your acting needs work.

Get a life and stop blaming your failure to succeed on white people.

Democrats Can Be Really Psychotic

Click here to watch a Harvard student talk about stabbing a white person and watching them “bleed out.”