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Once Again, “The Big Lie”

Once Again, “The Big Lie”

This article is about Joe Biden’s latest attack on President Trump, which I have linked to at the bottom of this article.

Why do Democrats constantly bring up Adolf Hitler, Nazis & Joseph Goebbels? Because Democrats are copying their methods of taking over a country. Perhaps their most powerful tool is Goebbels & “the big lie.” Big lies are more believable than little lies.


Democrat By Any Other Name

Why do you keep saying “leftists” and “liberals ?” They are Democrats.

The people responsible for abortion, over 70 million dead human beings, in America so far, are Democrats.

Democrats burn the American flag.

Democrats say “America was never great.”

Democrat politicians threaten bodily harm and death to Republicans who oppose them.

The politicians who said they will forcibly take away our guns are Democrats.

The people and politicians defunding our police departments are Democrats.

Democrats have removed straight, white men from commercials. Almost all commercials now feature blacks, Latinos, women and homosexuals.

In Democrat-controlled movies and TV shows, straight, white men are portrayed as wimpy, cowardly, subservient and lacking confidence, while women, black and homosexuals actors tower over them with confidence and strength.

The politicians taxing all citizens so they can pay for abortion and many other things half of America doesn’t like are Democrats.

Democrats are rewriting our school books, including history, biology, geology and every other topic so that it promotes their agenda.

Democrats push global warming on our children and on us, even though the facts show the earth is not warming, it’s cooling.

Democrats claim the political parties switched, allowing them to improperly accuse Republicans of being the racists. Only one racist Democrat switched to the Republican Party, Strom Thurmond.

The people stopping our children from praying to Jesus Christ in our schools are Democrats.

Democrats repeatedly push for abortion and sterilization in poor countries around the world to reduce the population of humans.

Democrats refer to the earth as Gaia, and they are more concerned with damaging mother Earth than they are killing humans.

The people removing Jesus Christ from America are Democrats.

The people stopping our children from running on playgrounds are Democrats.

Democrats are removing play structures at playgrounds because they consider them too dangerous.

The people who ban us from social media are Democrats.

Barack Obama said he would make energy “necessarily unaffordable” to drive up the cost of the oil so that we wouldn’t use it. He proceeded to close American coal plants, driving up the cost of energy.

Democrats are passing laws to cut down cow farts because they cause CO2. American citizens are going to have to pay more for dairy and meat because of these taxes.

Democrats give conservative children bad grades so that they will have a lesser chance at getting to college.

The public schools and “teachers” who indoctrinate our children with fascist, Marxist and anti-American education are Democrats.

The majority of the news, TV, radio and other information sites push Democrat propaganda.

Democrats teach that white people are all racist, white supremacist Nazis.

Amazon, Netflix and other major organizations are ruled by Democrats who push the propaganda that all Republicans are racist, white supremacist Nazis.

Democrats refuse to allow our taxes to be used to pay for Christian or other private education. We are forced to pay out-of-pocket for Christian schools while Democrats steal our money from us.

When Republicans / patriots are illegally arrested, Democrats disconnect their GoFundMe sites so they can’t get financial help.

The people removing free-speech from America are Democrats.

The rioters are Democrats.

The looters are Democrats.

The murders are Democrats.

The thieves are Democrats.

The anarchists are Democrats.

The arsonists are Democrats.

The people calling for violent attacks on anyone who doesn’t agree with them are Democrats.

The people harassing citizens of America at their homes and in restaurants are Democrats.


A Nation Divided – Who Are We?

Playing two national anthems at sports events is insane. Aren’t these millionaire athletes, Americans? Our national anthem isn’t good enough for them? If not, why do they live here?

A small number of people, mostly Democrats, hate America & want to change her into a country that the rest of us will hate.

Democrats despise things about America that most people like.

Democrats like things that most Americans don’t.

Unlike Democrats, most Americans don’t want our six-year-old children TAUGHT alternative sexual practices.

Unlike Democrats, most Americans don’t want Netflix playing “cuties,” exposing and sexualizing naked 11-year-old girls.

Unlike Democrats, most Americans aren’t racist.

Unlike Democrats, most Americans don’t have a problem with “in God we trust.”

Unlike Democrats, most Americans don’t have a problem with nativity scenes.

Unlike Democrats, most Americans like having Police Departments.

Unlike Democrats, most Americans believe in freedom of speech, even if it is offensive.

Unlike Democrats, most Americans believe America is a good country.

Unlike Democrats, most Americans like the American flag.

Unlike Democrats, most Americans are proud of the national anthem.

Unlike Democrats, most Americans are patriotic.

Unlike Democrats, most Americans don’t think that male athletes should be able to compete as females.

Unlike Democrats, most Americans don’t believe babies should be killed in the womb, especially not up to the moment of birth!

This is more than a nation divided. Democrats despise everything we stand for, while most Americans ARE GLAD TO BE AMERICANS!

Democrats are incompatible with America so they are trying to change America into a nation they are comfortable with. Of course this process will turn America into a country most Americans will be uncomfortable with.

Since Democrats have been running their racial campaigns, encouraging black people to hate white people, the racial divide in America has never been greater. This isn’t to say that more white people have become racist.

With the terrorist Black lives matter organization, we can see that Democrats have fomented extreme anger in the black community toward white Americans.

Democrats have convinced many blacks in America that whites have “white privilege” and they need to be pushed aside, attacked and driven from power.

A good example of this is what happened on an airplane yesterday. A black woman refused to get out of the way when a white stewardess needed to get by. The black woman went on a tirade, screaming at white women accusing them of white privilege.

President Trump will get elected again. Unfortunately, because Democrats stacked America with Democrat-voting foreign-born people, President Trump will be the last Republican president.

The last time Americans were taxed without representation didn’t end well for the tyrants. I’m not sure why Democrats think domination over people is a good thing.

Pro-life at the Republican convention

Sister Dede Byrne says “the truth is, the largest marginalized group in the world can be found in the United States. They are the unborn.” That’s for sure!