Call for Life next first Friday, March 4th!


Pro-Life? March 4th is the next first Friday of the month. Join us on that day and Call for Life! Monthly Call for Life.

Did you know birth control pills cause abortions?


Ok, so not all birth control pills cause abortions, but they can. How many cause abortions? Nobody knows exactly, but birth control pills are intentionally made to cause abortions.

Why? Why would they make pills that cause abortions? Why not just make pills that prevent pregnancy? Well, it’s not because they don’t try. The problem is, nothing”s perfect, so they have to have a backup plan.


Mike Huckabee – Closing Statement

Pro-Life former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee gave a powerful closing statement, defending the pre-born

Can God bless America when “we continue to slaughter 4,000 babies a day,” 

Prayer Pivot for Life


Prayer Pivot for Life – Daily prayer for the defenseless, the pre-born and the pro-life movement.