Establishment Republicans enjoy cheap labor while giving votes to the Democrats. The Koch brother weasels are responsible for the Republican Party moving hard to the left, giving money to politicians who obey them.

John Binder from Breitbart says:


(D) = Death (L) = Lying Cecile Richards


Seriously Cecile the Baby-Killer, DEMOCRATS, the party of abortion, ARE the only ones “WILLING” AND EAGER TO KILL BABIES to win.

And what about molesting women? You don’t hear a lot of accusations against Republicans during this time of #MeToo, do you? That’s because most of the men being arrested for this horrible behavior are Democrats.

Bill Cosby wasn’t the only Predator. The Democrat media turned their backs as Bill Clinton made a career of molesting probably over 100 women. He raped, abused and manipulated them during his reign of terror.


Selective Outrage

The Democratic-controlled media highlights the efforts of activist high school students who demand an end to the Second Amendment, yet they hide the public assassinations of helpless people & abortion, the slaughter of innocent babies in the womb.

America Sold-Out By Unscrupulous Republicans

Anti-American traitors like the Koch brothers have been using us for their personal gain for too long.

Unscrupulous, establishment Republicans, financed by those weasels, have packed America with 1/5th of the population of Mexico for their cheap labor.

The pro-mass immigration GOP megadonor billionaire Koch brothers are threatening Republicans running midterm campaigns, saying they want to see an amnesty for millions of illegal aliens passed or they will ‘closely evaluate’ their aiding and funding of certain candidates.