Prayer Pivot

If you are looking for daily pro-life prayer, you don’t have to look any farther than Gail Richardson has written thousands of prayers for the pre-born, and many things involved with the life issues.

II Timothy 3:14,15   Thought/Prayer:  Young Timothy as Valued


Answering pro-abortion Nick Kadylak

Pro-abortion Nick Kadylak asked me the following question on Twitter:

“Just curious, do you support widely available birth control and comprehensive sex ed in schools?”

I answered:


Monica Crowley, PhD, defending the pre-born


@MonicaCrowley, @FOXNews contributor and Nomiki Konst, The accountability Project founder were on the O’Reilly factor last night. I have to say, Monica made some great points on the life issues.


The many successes of the Republican Party

Let’s see, where should I start?

How about immigration? Ronald Reagan let 3 million illegals become American citizens, then he put up the wall to stop more from pouring into the country, like he and the Republicans promised.

Oops, no, they didn’t do that.