“UNDERCOVER: Late-Term Abortion Clinics Exposed!”

Pastor’s Letter

PASTOR’S LETTER. Dr. Alveda King, Father Frank Pavone, Joseph Farah and many more Christian and pro-life leaders speak for three pre-born.

A HERo Takes Over

This spring, feminist Democrat dreams will finally come true. They are going to dump “the most powerful “HERo” in the universe on us, and she will be a woman.

For many years, boys and men have always argued about who was “the strongest.” The debate was usually between Superman and the Hulk. if you were talking about physical strength, who else could it be?


DEMOCRATS ARE the real BULLIES in America

Democrats are intolerant bullies. No one in America can speak freely for fear of losing their jobs because of the Democrat tyrants who control this country.

Of course they claim they are the tolerant ones. They have that fake bumper sticker that says “COEXIST” that has all the different religions on it. The only way Democrats want us to coexist is if we sit down and shut up.