My interview with PRO-LIFE Vice President Pence

Democrat Party, The Party Of Evil

Democrat Party, The Party Of Evil

Democrats, the pedophile party, the party of abortion and the party of evil, continue “to release illegal alien career criminals back into communities, including those charged with murder and child sex crimes.”

Breitbart article

Imagine if your child was molested and the Democrats opened the molester’s jail cell.


Imagine if your wife, husband or child was murdered and the Democrats opened the jail cell for the murder.


Amy Coney Barrett

Amy Coney Barrett – Let the Democrat freak out begin!

Amy Coney Barrett and abortion

Is Amy Coney Barrett the best we can do as a “conservative,” female Supreme Court justice nominee? Though she may be personally opposed to abortion, would she support legislation getting rid of it?

Abortion will end soon, & obviously, God knows what He is doing.