Either Cancel The Republican Party Or Create A Conservative Party

It’s time to vote out all of these ancient, establishment Republicans. They no longer represent conservative America. We have a good platform, they just refuse to stand for it. Simple test. If a Republican refuses to end abortion, vote him/her OUT!

It’s possibly too late anyway. Those dinosaurs may refuse to represent the people who voted them in office all these years. If you need me, let’s create a new CONSERVATIVE party!

Rest In Peace Joe Scheidler

Nellie Gray & Joe Scheidler were my pro-life mentors during my early years in the movement. Even though I had been pro-life since 1978, Joe and Nellie helped me understand what it meant to be 100% pro-life, no exceptions, no compromise. RIP Joe Scheidler!

Babies Murdered For Vaccines

“So, they’re removing this tissue, all the while the baby is alive and in extreme amounts of pain. So, this makes it even more sadistic.” 
Do you know the truth about vaccines and baby-killing? Should we murder others so that we may live?

Sieg heil!

Planned Parenthood Is Now Embracing Abortion (Baby-Killing)

PLANNED PARENTHOOD “has performed more than 8 MILLION estimated ABORTIONS since 1970. To put that in context, A DECIMATED NEW YORK CITY.”

Imagine, $616.8 MILLION of our tax dollars finance this baby-killing organization every single year, under Democrat AND Republican administrations.

America is one of four countries in the entire world that allows child killing through all 9 months, all the way until the moment of delivery. The others are China, North Korea and Canada.

It used to be that Planned Murderhood tried to cover up the abortion part of their business. They were afraid if people understood how brutal they are, they might lose some of that cherry pie they’ve been enjoying for so many years.

Not anymore.