The Great Reset

Taxation Without Representation


What you have to understand is after the fraudulent election, none of the courts in America would even look at evidence of fraud. They didn’t rule on any case, deciding there was no evidence of fraud, they ruled that they wouldn’t even LOOK at the cases!

Republicans in America no longer represent conservatives, libertarians or anyone else who isn’t a Democrat/left-wing nutjob. Establishment Republicans have their own agenda and too often they ally with the Democrats.

Conservatives no longer have representation in United States. This is truly taxation without representation.

America is gone. Stick a fork in her, she’s done.


Democrats Are Treating Republicans Like The Nazis Treated Jews

Democrats claim the Republican Party behaves “like a terror group,” is rife with “terrorist sympathizers,” & should be viewed as “enemy combatants.”

Democrats are turning our military and police forces against us!

Democrats fabricated a story about Republicans being insurrectionists who were trying to stage a coup at the Capitol on January 6. The truth was that Democrat insurrectionists tricked Republicans into going inside the Capitol building. Democrat terrorists had planned the attack for days, they even publicly bragged about what they were going to do.

Democrat media spread the message that it was actually evil, Republican white supremacists who “attacked” the capital.

Democrats in Congress have relentlessly accused President Trump and his supporters of being insurrectionists, white supremacist Nazis.

Democrats used the January 6 event to create a false flag Republican attack on the United States. They learned from the Nazis and the famous Reichstag false flag.

A couple of weeks ago, Biden’s new defense secretary actually made the statement that he was going to standdown our United States military so that he could search for insurrectionists and white supremacist. Do you think they were looking for Democrats? No. I guarantee they didn’t open the record of one single Democrat soldier.

They are only looking at Republicans, specifically Republicans who support President Trump.

This type of anti-American, unconstitutional behavior is not new. When Obama will took office, the first thing he did was put pro-life people on the terrorist watchlist. After a lot of uproar, they went underground with this effort.

Since 9/11, Democrats haven’t been using our CIA and FBI to unmask Islamic terrorism in the United States as much as they have put millions of dollars of resources toward trying to find right-wing “terrorists.”

It’s startling to me people of the United States allow the Democrat party to use our state and federal governments to illegally attack Republicans. they blocked us from getting our nonprofit corporate status, they stop us from getting jobs, they get us fired from our jobs, they block us from going to school, they disconnect our bank accounts, they disconnect us from our social media sites, they stop us from getting home loans and more.

What is happening to Republicans in America today is exactly what happened to the Jewish people in Nazi Germany. I am a Christian Jew and my mother’s family was wiped out by the Nazis. Don’t even try to tell me I don’t have a right to talk about this.

Because of Democrat policies which allow the murder of unborn children through abortion, my first child was slaughtered after my girlfriend was forced to have an abortion in 1978.

Democrats know that 99% of speech is online. This is why they stop conservatives from having a voice. They claim the First Amendment doesn’t apply because they’re not controlling the platforms. They are lying.

Not only are they blocking free-speech and getting rid of the First Amendment, they are now pushing their next agenda, get rid of the Second Amendment.

The 2020 presidential election was a successful Democrat coup. They blocked all free-speech prior to the election and 99% of all media ran positive stories about Joe Biden while attacking President Trump every minute. They changed the election laws at the last second, using the coronavirus as a tool of fear to shutdown America.

Then, as President Trump demanded legal audits of votes, Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans told him and us to sit down and shut up, the election was over.

The American people allowed this presidential coup.

It’s unfortunate there are millions of Americans who are so ignorant about what’s happening in this country.

Democrats are immoral, inhumane people who shouldn’t even be in charge of a bakesale, let alone our state and federal governments!

It’s not a conspiracy when it’s actually happening.


America Is Becoming Venezuela

Democrats have already turned our nation’s capital into a “cesspool.” They are working hard to do the same to every city across America.

I’m stunned that even Democrat American citizens find this kind of insanity acceptable.

Democrats are turning us into Venezuela. Where is the outrage from the “silent majority?”

Are patriots in a deep sleep?


It’s time for a Patriot political Party

Ever since the Democrats stole the election from President Trump, did you notice the death count of coronavirus isn’t on TV 24 hours a day anymore?

Why does Biden get away with saying nothing will change the virus trajectory?

Why are businesses all of a sudden allowed to open?

We know why, the lying, Democrat-controlled media manipulated us in 2020, using the virus to get people to turn against President Trump.

How many people have lost their jobs because of lying Democrats? How many workers who lost their jobs committed suicide because of lying Democrats? How many of our children committed suicide because of lying Democrats?

Democrats stole the presidential election, they put countless people out of work, countless people have been kicked out of their homes because they can’t pay their bills, they’re going to force their gun control laws down our throats, they’re getting rid of our oil and gas and they are becoming dictators of America.

American citizens need to stop joking about what Democrats are doing. This isn’t a meme anymore!

Is there no outrage anymore?

The Democrat-controlled media has put most of America to sleep, unless it’s a cause they support. If there is a bug that might lose its habitat, they stir people up, getting them to storm council meetings and chain themselves to trees.

Democrats rioted and took over the Senate building in Washington DC. Did you hear about that? No, because Democrats didn’t want you to see the violent side of it. When they played it, they said “look at the American people standing up against the white supremacist, misogynist and racist Brett Kavanaugh.”

The Republican leadership in America is gone. They are feckless, worthless and they refuse to actually do anything to represent conservatives or libertarians. President Trump was the closest thing we’ve had to a conservative president in my lifetime. Please, don’t try to tell me Ronald Reagan was a conservative.

We need a new political party. Republicans do not represent us and they are basically merging with the Democrats. I am 100% on board with a Patriot Party. If those elected officials don’t legislate according to defined morals and values, we recall them. No more waiting two or four years for elections!