Majority Ruled Over

What’s wrong with this picture? 95% of America is Republican, yet Democrats obviously focus on where the population centers are so they can achieve control of our government.

“Mark Levin on FIRE!”

Mark Levin defends what it means to be a conservative and a proud American citizen.

Politicians Should Take A Test To Run For Office

Brain-dead Democrats claim there should be minimum training requirements for a person to own a gun. I believe there should be minimum requirements of gun knowledge and the Second Amendment for politicians to be allowed to run for office!

Why should politicians who don’t have common sense knowledge about guns and existing gun laws be able to banor impose restrictions on them?

DEMOCRATS ARE the real BULLIES in America

Democrats are intolerant bullies. No one in America can speak freely for fear of losing their jobs because of the Democrat tyrants who control this country.

Of course they claim they are the tolerant ones. They have that fake bumper sticker that says “COEXIST” that has all the different religions on it. The only way Democrats want us to coexist is if we sit down and shut up.