The Result Of Controlling The American School System

Democrats have successfully manipulated the minds of our children, making them Anti-American, anti-God and anti-family.

I agree, in many cases, the apathy of the parents contributed to these results.

Yeah, these whiny cucks are the future of America.

Democrat-Controlled Red Flag Tyranny Exposed

Democrat-Controlled Red Flag Tyranny Exposed

YouTube screenshot of Project Veritas video featuring Google’s head of responsible innovation at Global Affairs, Jen Gennai.

Naïve America, this is what red flag laws look like.

Google “called in the FBI, they called in the SWAT team. And they called in a bomb squad.”

Calling Democrats tyrants is an understatement!

Still think giving Democrats that kind of power is a good idea?

[Ed. – Sounds like someone’s trying to put things in police records to make him look unstable.]

As we can see, there’s no doubt, in Democrat hands, power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

“My definition of fairness and bias specifically talks about historically marginalized communities. And that’s who I care about. Communities who are in power and have traditionally have been in power are not who I’m solving fairness for,”

Of course Google pulled the YouTube video exposing their criminal actions.

Yeah, it just so happens the “third-party” is Google!

Whom Should You Be More Afraid of?

Most guns are in the hands of patriotic Americans who use them for hunting, target practice, defending their families from criminals who illegally buy guns, or, most importantly, to defend themselves from government tyrants.

America has a population of over 320 million people. There are over 300 million legally owned guns. Violent criminals illegally buy or steal enough guns to kill LESS THAN 100 people every year. Somehow, our government leaders believe disarming the entire population of the United States, removing their ability to defend themselves from criminals and government tyranny, is the right thing to do.


243 years ago, our Founding Fathers decided to establish two extremely important rights.

The first, freedom of speech. This gives us the right to speak out against any would-be tyrant who might use our government, people, guns and resources, to shut us up.

The second, the right to bear arms. This right was put in place to defend our first right.

Republican representative Peter King claimsguns “are weapons of mass slaughter.”

Cicilline, a vice chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, hailed King,” claiming:

“These weapons belong on the battlefield, not in our homes, schools, houses of worship or workplaces,”

I agree, these weapons are not only used for hunting and for defending families from violent criminals, they also belong on the battlefield. American citizens have the right to own these weapons to fight the battle to defend themselves from representatives who believe they aren’t leaders, that they are, or have become, rulers.

In the year 2019, Americans should be more afraid of government rulers/tyrants than anyone else. This can never be overstated, after Hitler disarmed Germany, he went on a reign of terror, slaughtering over 7 million Jews, some of whom were my family.

If you are naïve enough to think something like this couldn’t happen today, think again. It already is. Globalist, pro-death Republican and Democrat politicians make sure abortion stays decriminalized, resulting in approximately 1 million dead people in America every year. At this point almost 70 million people have been slaughtered in their mother’s wombs, making Hitler look like an amateur.

Any life lost to gun violence is too many. One thing that’s guaranteed, after the government disarms peaceful citizens, criminals will take advantage of the vacuum. worse yet, government tyrants will feel emboldened to do whatever they want, to whomever they want, whenever they want.

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Another “Illegal Alien Accused of Rape, Child Sex Crimes Released by Sanctuary County.”

It’s nice to know America has such high morals and values.

Where would we be without the Democrat party to show us the way?