This is what Democrats are legalizing all across America

Effects of Marijuana

– feeling anxious or agitated
– having a slow reaction time or trouble paying attention


Please stop saying “federal regulation”

When we say “federal regulation” we know we are mostly talking about Democrat regulation. Think about it, they’ve even regulated normal lightbulbs out of existence!

Yes, I know, over the years, Republicans have been acting more and more like Democrats, so they share blame.


“African-American police state a modern-day crime against humanity

“The African American police state is unquestionably a modern day crime against humanity.”

You read that right.

What came in front of that? Garikai Chengu from Global Research writes:


“Sidestepping the Law” just another day in Democrat paradise

There are two words I’m getting tired of seeing, “the administration.” We all know who “the administration” is, it’s Barack Obama and his Democrat cronies. So I wish people would just say that.

Anyway, “Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) “is sounding the alarm to his colleagues Senate-wide, warning them and the American public with a ‘critical alert.'”

Sessions says: