Will Democrat-Controlled America Deny Healthcare to Conservatives?

Democrat-controlled banks are now closing accounts of conservatives. What’s next?
– Will lenders deny home loans to conservatives?
– Will Democrat-controlled auto shops refuse to work on our cars?
– What about Democrat-controlled hospitals? Will they refuse to save conservative lives?
– Will Democrat-controlled health care providers refuse healthcare for conservatives?


Crazy eyes Cortez Getting A Big Marketing Boost From Republicans & Conservatives

Republicans and conservatives are doing crazy eyes Cortez a big favor by using AOC instead of her name. She registered @AOC on Twitter and requested that people communicate with her using those initials.

So why are Republicans and conservatives helping her? Is it just lazy writing? You folks can’t be bothered with writing her full name, or just Cortez, or crazy eyes Cortez?

Every time you say A/O/C in your newsfeed or in your articles you’re doing her a favor. You’re helping spread her brand.

I was listening to one guy who was doing a great rant against crazy eyes Cortez, justifiably attacking her on all her psychotic policies. By the time he was done with the 17 minute video, he said A/O/C 20 times!

If you folks keep up with this, you might as well just send her campaign money. You’re helping her get more famous and reelected as it is.

Law Enforcement Protecting our Second Amendment Rights

I pray more and more law-enforcement officers refuse to help Democrats disarm patriotic Americans, Democrat and Republican. “Washington Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce Unconstitutional I-1639”


Article shows how Baltimore Democrats decide criminals having guns is more important than police officers who protect the children.

There is no reason for there to be unarmed police officers in our schools. If we don’t trust them enough to carry guns, they shouldn’t be police officers.

Of course that’s not what it’s all about. DEMOCRATS intentionally EXPOSE OUR CHILDREN TO MASS MURDER, so when it happens, they can scream for the need for gun control.

America needs to wake up. Democrats are dangerous to us, and Democrats are dangerous to our children.