Guess What? Democrats Lie.

Wow, Joe gave us the vaccine?

Not Trump?

Joe Biden claims the vaccine was not available when he got in office. That’s funny, so how did he and Kamala get the shot in December?

Joe Biden and the Democrats can lie about whatever they want, because the mainstream media circle the wagons around them and protects them from the evil, white supremacist, Nazis who might call them out on it.


Feckless Republicans

Governor CUOMO intentionally put infected patients Inside nursing facilities, which KILLED many thousands of ELDERLY PEOPLE needlessly. Why do Democrats get away with such extreme crimes? Why are they untouchable?

Because of feckless Republicans.

Democrats have been committing countless crimes throughout the years of the Republican Party ignored them.

Hillary Clinton should be in federal prison, ignored.

Joe Biden should be in federal prison, ignored.

Hunter Biden should be in federal prison, ignored.

I hate to say this, the reality is, Republican parties are complicit in the many crimes that the Democrats have committed. They should be thrown in jail just like the Democrats for ignoring the countless crimes.

If we don’t replace all of these cowardly, criminal Republicans, then we had better start another party, a Patriot Party. If we don’t, what do you think these feckless Republicans will do when the Democrats come after us?


Governor Andrew Cuomo Set Himself on Fire

Stop Letting Democrats Tell Us Who We Are

DEMOCRATS are personally RESPONSIBLE FOR 3000 MURDERED BABIES in the United States EVERY DAY, yet they have the nerve to accuse Republicans of being “terrorists, white supremacists & insurrectionists.”

75 million babies slaughtered so far.

What is wrong with the people of the United States? HAVE AMERICANS LOST THEIR SENSE OF OUTRAGE?

What is wrong with the Republican Party who allows this to happen? They claim to be pro-life, so why aren’t they doing something to stop this brutal murder of children in the United States?

Talk is cheap. Republicans have had control of government repeatedly yet they did nothing to stop child killing in America.

It’s time to demand more from politicians who claim they are pro-life. If our elected representatives don’t actually try to end abortion, we need to replace them either through a recall or with the next election.

We have to stop letting Democrats tell us who we are. We are not white supremacists and we are not insurrectionists and WE ARE NOT TERRORISTS!

I am proud to be a pro-life Christian who believes all people have the right to life on this earth. Even Democrats.

It’s time for a Patriot political Party

Ever since the Democrats stole the election from President Trump, did you notice the death count of coronavirus isn’t on TV 24 hours a day anymore?

Why does Biden get away with saying nothing will change the virus trajectory?

Why are businesses all of a sudden allowed to open?

We know why, the lying, Democrat-controlled media manipulated us in 2020, using the virus to get people to turn against President Trump.

How many people have lost their jobs because of lying Democrats? How many workers who lost their jobs committed suicide because of lying Democrats? How many of our children committed suicide because of lying Democrats?

Democrats stole the presidential election, they put countless people out of work, countless people have been kicked out of their homes because they can’t pay their bills, they’re going to force their gun control laws down our throats, they’re getting rid of our oil and gas and they are becoming dictators of America.

American citizens need to stop joking about what Democrats are doing. This isn’t a meme anymore!

Is there no outrage anymore?

The Democrat-controlled media has put most of America to sleep, unless it’s a cause they support. If there is a bug that might lose its habitat, they stir people up, getting them to storm council meetings and chain themselves to trees.

Democrats rioted and took over the Senate building in Washington DC. Did you hear about that? No, because Democrats didn’t want you to see the violent side of it. When they played it, they said “look at the American people standing up against the white supremacist, misogynist and racist Brett Kavanaugh.”

The Republican leadership in America is gone. They are feckless, worthless and they refuse to actually do anything to represent conservatives or libertarians. President Trump was the closest thing we’ve had to a conservative president in my lifetime. Please, don’t try to tell me Ronald Reagan was a conservative.

We need a new political party. Republicans do not represent us and they are basically merging with the Democrats. I am 100% on board with a Patriot Party. If those elected officials don’t legislate according to defined morals and values, we recall them. No more waiting two or four years for elections!