Democrats are dangerous

“Paris is a Shithole”

If you don’t watch the video, don’t comment. What liberals (European Democrats) have done to Europe is what we can expect Democrats to do to America. As we now see with California, everywhere Democrats/liberals go, they turn countries into shitholes.

According to Democrats, Half of Americans are White Supremacist Nazis

Think about it.

For two years and counting, Democrats have been calling those of us who voted for Donald Trump, half of the United States, white supremacists and Nazis.

Not just calling, they actually believe it!

Who Our Children Look Up To

Let’s see, do Democrats and MTV represent God or the devil? Hmm?

This is who our children look up to. They repeat their songs from music, and words from movies.

Think about it.

Defending Baby-Killing

Alyssa Milano is one of the Democrat Party’s biggest defenders of baby-killer rights. Milalo claims it’s “fucking absurd” she has to fight to keep baby-killing decriminalized. I believe IT’S ABSURD CHRISTIANS WON’T STOP THE SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENTS.