Democrats are dangerous

Why do tyrants like gun control? Ask Adolph.

Jason Owens @jasondowens78 shows how he is in the “pockets” of the Democratic Party, writing his anti-gun article titled “Even European biathletes think U.S. gun culture is out of control: ‘I would not feel safe.'”

Unfortunately, at the Olympics, there is no shortage of unintelligent and non-American biathletes to feed him nonsense.

Jason says Americans “fetishize gun ownership or have a massive pro-gun lobby in the pockets of their lawmakers.”


Why Democrats Avoid Confederate History While Republicans Embrace It

For years, Democrats, supported by the Democrat-controlled media, have made it seem as if Republicans were racists. Our American public school system aids in this deception. If the truth were told, the 95% of black people who vote Democrat, would realize they are voting for the same people who enslaved them.

An article at News Blaze points out that “Democrats Avoid Confederate History While Republicans Embrace It.”

That is what should be tought in our schools. Democrats should be held accountable. So often, after major events, like 9/11 or the Holocaust, people say “we will never forget,” or, “always remember.”

Democrats made sure that America has forgotten their violent and immoral actions against black Americans.

Click here to read the article. You will be stunned, if you don’t already know, the history of the racist Democrat party.


“The Truth About Sweden” 

DEMOCRATS/liberals around the world are dangerous. They’re not just ignorant, they ARE DANGEROUS!

What are Republican / Conservative Priorities?

I received a fund raising letter from the Heritage Foundation. A headline stated:

“With your support, Heritage can provide the President and Congress with the intellectual firepower to accomplish these key priorities:”