Democrats are dangerous

“We need a digital Bill of Rights”

If Republicans don’t step up and stop the authoritarian, Democrat bullies right now, we will be watching the end of free speech.
Info wars helped elect Donald Trump and Democrats know it. Conservative social media helped elect Donald Trump and Democrats know it.
Now, Google, Apple and others are pretending no federal funds helped them build their “private” corporations and they are banning everyone they disagree with.
Democrats own a monopoly on social media. That alone is reason enough for federal Republicans to step up and defend conservative America.
In three months, congressional elections will be held, and if it happens without conservative social media, authoritarian, tyrannical Democrats are likely to take over. America will likely become a very scary place.
Americans will wake up to a new America. They will wake up to tyrants who believe it is their duty to tell us what to think and how to behave. This isn’t a conspiracy, this is fact. They are already doing it, so you can’t even imagine how much worse it’s going to be when they assume control.
Too many Christians won’t rise up against these evil Democrats. They want to believe these are end times, and God is coming, so they don’t have to do anything. They act like this is some sort of Christian game show where all they have to do is sit back and watch it happen.
It’s possible God is ready to come back. Are you willing to bet your future on that? Are you willing to allow Democrats to force you and your family to live in fear?
If yes, keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t bother voting and don’t bother standing up for those who are being oppressed.
If you’re tired of watching America lose our greatness one day at a time, then take a stand. Vote for conservatives, not establishment Republicans. Speak for Info Wars and speak against the tyrannical, authoritarian, Democrat-controlled social media.–

Violent Democrat Professor Gets Probation Instead Of Jail

Democrat “justice” system protects “masked (DEMOCRAT) Antifa THUG” Professor Eric Clanton in Berkeley.”

Watch this video and you tell me if this piece of chicken s*** garbage should’ve gotten probation. Democrats are cowardly thugs.

Typical Democrat. Hides behind a group of bullies and hits a defenseless man with a lock. No doubt he was laughing with his buddies that night about how brave he was.

I’ve said it time and time again, I’m more angry at Republicans for letting this happen to us. I expect Democrats to act like bullies and thugs. That’s what they are. It’s a shame Republicans are cowards who won’t defend us.

If cowardly Republicans continue to refuse to defend innocent people in America, it’s only going to get worse.

“I’m Not Hitler, Trump Is”

Democrat candidate Perry Gershon pulls the “Hitler”card. It’s unbelievable how often Democrats do that.

It’s as if they have nothing better to say than “I’m not Hitler, Trump is.”


Liberals in England are just as tyrannical as liberals / Democrats in America. The tyrants on the other side of the pond, are calling for an end to clapping. They claimclapping ‘triggers anxiety,’ asks attendees (of a student feminism conference) to use ‘jazz hands’ instead.”

Think about it. There are countless examples of liberals / Democrats controlling and manipulating people all over the world, yet they claim Republicans are the tyrants and Nazis.

I’m tired of liberals / Democrats playing the Hitler card. Every time they do it, conservatives / Republicans should say to them “we’re not the ones pushing for abortion, the murder of 43 million people around the world every year, you are.”

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Democrat Fascists Take Another Step Toward Controlling Speech

This video “NASA Debunks Global Warming Theory” shows how the fascists are controlling speech.

When you get to YouTube, underneath the video you will see how DEMOCRAT-CONTROLLED YOUTUBE now puts links underneath videos they consider “conspiracy theories.”


They did the same thing to this Prager University video.