Peter Shinn


From the Conservative Daily Article:
 “This is not a drill. The Obama administration just implemented a new regulatory change that has sent the entire firearms industry into a tailspin overnight.”

 I just can’t Democrats, people who claim to be so intelligent, vote for political leaders who are doing their best to get rid of the Second Amendment in the United States of America.

John Kerry says the media should cover terrorism less often


Fox News correspondent Kevin Corke, in front of the White House was supposed to give the White House statement on John Kerry’s stupid comment, that the media should stop talking about terrorism. Kerry said:

“The media would do us all a service if they didn’t talk about terrorism quite so much.” 

Instead, Corke pulled a “In his defense, what he was trying to suggest was,” & then proceeded to defend John Kerry’s stupid statement.

Stuart Varney then had to ask him again, “What was the White House response? Because I know you asked a question to the spokesman this afternoon, what did they say in response?”

 Then, Corke finally gave the answer from the White House. at first though, Corke actually defended the White House! He said:

“He (Josh Earnest) didn’t really dodge it, he just kind of worked his way around it a bit. I think what he tried to say, perhaps as best he could, was that the president had made this point before. That you have to give context, you don’t want to make it seem like terrorism is everywhere, every day, and that people should be on red alert. But at the same time, he did acknowledge that the truth is, we’re doing our job every day when we do talk about it. And that was a bit of a departure from what Secretary Kerry had to say about it.”

 I’m not sure which is more funny about the story. Was it Kevin Corke defending John Kerry, John Kerry making the stupid comment, or Kevin Corke defending the White House? Another question does have to be asked though. Kevin, for whom do you work? Obama & the Democrats, or Fox news?

Blackish TV Show Goes Hard-Core Racist

The latest episode of the TV show Blackish, “hope,” turns hard-core racist. 

 Over and over they saying that whites, and white police officers hate blacks, and want nothing more than to shoot them down in the streets. They even inferred that whites wanted to kill Obama.


It’s US versus THEM

I believe Democrats have understood this basic principle from the beginning of America. They aren’t trying to figure out how to work together in our common cause, because we have no common cause with them.