Peter Shinn

Forget Civil War 2, We Need To Evacuate To Conservative States

When DEMOCRATS complete their power grab, either this election or next, they WILL UNDO EVERYTHING every Republican President has ever done for America.

It’s sad it has taken the SILENT MAJORITY so long to finally wake up. Unfortunately, YOU’RE TOO LATE.

It’s a done deal, democrats have taken over the United States of America. For everyone thinking about a Civil War, forget about it. It’s not going to happen.

Conservatives need to retreat to conservative states, and we have to block democrats from joining us. Otherwise, they will do the same thing to our conservative States as they did they did to the United States of America. They will destroy us from within, AGAIN.

Tommy Sotomayor Points Out How The Anti-White Racism In America Results In Innocent White People Getting Arrested

Tommy Sotomayor Points Out How The Anti-White Racism In America Results In Innocent White People Getting Arrested

Why are black people allowed to provoke and threaten white people? Why can’t white people defend themselves when threatened by black people?

Tommy Sotomayor explains why the white woman had a right to pull her gun. She didn’t overreact, our own government and employers did.

Think about it. The white woman and her husband were threatened with violence, yet they would up arrested and they lost their jobs.

The anti-white racism in America has created an environment where white people will do everything possible to avoid interaction and possible confrontation with black people.

Democrats are dividing America like never before. “A nation divided” is a nation democrats exploit to increase their power.

Will Americans Allow America To Be Completely Destroyed?

Will Americans Allow America To Be Completely Destroyed?

Modern anti-American, Anti-christian and anti-white thugs won’t be happy until they have taken over America & have destroyed everything we value.

Yes, this includes Jesus Christ whom they consider to be a white supremacist.

Saint John’s church on fire in Washington D.C. after being lit by Democrat terrorists

People wonder why Jews allowed themselves to be slaughtered. 

How did that happen? Not all at once. But when the end came, it happened quickly. Much like I believe it is happening here in America.

American people are sort of shell shocked. They have the deer-in-the-headlights look as everything they believe comes crashing down all around them.

Democrats lied to us, claiming a racist police officer murdered an innocent black man. The police officer was just doing his job, he used a legal move on a criminal who resisted arrest, a drunk criminal who was on drugs with a bad heart.

George Floyd did not die because a racist police officer killed him.

Democrats AND Republicans are allowing Antifa and black lives matter terrorist thugs to tear apart America.

Democrats do it because they despise America and everything we stand for. Republicans do it because they are spineless and they are afraid of being called racists.

The American people allow this to happen because they keep expecting Republicans to do something. They keep waiting:

And waiting:

And waiting:

And waiting:

And waiting:

This will never end. Unless republicans step up and stop these Democrat terrorists. Soon, Stone Mountain and Mount Rushmore will be on the ash heap of history.

Soon, America will be on the ash heap of history.

When your children ask you “mommy and daddy, where were you and what were you doing when the democrats burned America down?” What will you say?

Let’s examine how we got here. Vincent James provides the best real statistics of crime in America. He pulls the information from the American Justice files, straight off of our federal government websites.

Are racist white Americans killing black people? Are black people thrown in jail at higher rates than white people?

Is America systemically racist? “

Yes, Vincent put out a video titled “Is America systemically racist?” If you have gotten this far, congratulations! Your attention span is greater than that of most people in the world, better than the attention span of a goldfish. Watch this 23 minute video and learn more than what most people in the world understand about systemic racism in America.

Joseph Mengele Would Be Proud Of The Murdering Democrats

Pursuing babies without “defects,” LIBERAL NAZI SCIENTISTS continue their immoral experiments with humans. They morally pat themselves on the back, because they don’t allow the HUMAN GUINEA PIGS to reach a certain age, as they MUST BE KILLED before then.


Joseph Mengele would be proud of the liberals / Democrats around the world, people who murder innocent human beings for the “greater good.” Mengele would certainly have approved of liberal/Democrat abortion, which succeeds in murdering hundreds of millions of people who aren’t part of the master race, and who aren’t “perfect” in the eyes of the nazis.