Pro-Abortion Google Executive Claims Republicans Will Go To Hell

DEMOCRAT GOOGLE EXEC, who supports child killing, which has claimed the lives of 65+ million children in America so far, says:

“I hope the last images burned into your slimy, evil, treasonous retinas are millions of women laughing and clapping and celebrating as your souls descend into the flames.”

It’s unbelievable to me that Democrats, the party responsible for abortion and human killing research, can somehow think they have the moral authority to call anyone evil.

If anything, these people who are personally responsible for the slaughter of children all the way up to the moment of birth inside their mother’s wombs personify evil.

Only a handful of countries support this barbaric practice of child-killing, and Democrats make sure the United States is one of them.

They claim they are championing women’s rights and a woman’s right to choose.

In the old days, if you asked them “choose what?” They would say “the right to get rid of a parasite, a clump of cells.”

Today, Democrats, the party of abortion, has no problem admitting abortion is the killing of innocent child. They could care less about the brutality of the act, as they circle their wagons around FemiNazi women who chant “my body my choice.”

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“A Letter to (liberal / Democrat) Millennials”

“What Pisses Me Off About The Serena Williams Outburst”

Currently, Serena Williams is an embarrassment to sportsmanship. She’s a sore loser, and she should apologize to Naomi Osaka who played the better match.

And Billie Jean King, you shouldn’t get hysterical because you don’t like the rules. If you’re going to play the game, you have to obey the rules. That’s just the way it is. Not sure why you want to give Serena Williams a pass when you played honest games for many years and won because of your skill, not because of how well you could cheat.

Serena Williams’ coach admitted he cheated. You know he admitted he cheated. Why should Serena get a pass?
Serena is acting like a spoiled, entitlement queen. She’s been losing a lot of games, and she wants to blame it on everyone else but herself.

Billie Jean King, shame on you for not supporting the better tennis player, Naomi Osaka. And shame on the rude fans who booed Naomi after she won. Just another bunch of liberal, spoiled, entitlement losers.

In the following video, at 5:03 the sports commentator says “Serena was watching Her coach give her hand signals.”

So while Serena Williams was acting all indignant, denying admitted wrongdoing, it’s obvious she was cheating!

When Serena smashed her racket on the ground that was another violation. Finally, accusing the judge of being a liar and a thief, another violation.

I ask everyone who supports Serena on this, why should she get a pass, because she’s a woman? Think about it, she’s accusing the world of attacking her because she’s a woman, yet those were all clear violations of the rules. Again, why should she get a pass?

For everyone who says the judge “wouldn’t do it to a man,” you’re wrong. He has penalized men for the same infractions.

USA today says:

“Blatant sexism cost Serena Williams tennis title. Men are celebrated for much worse.”

Really? The fact that Naomi Osaka totally slaughtered Serena Williams on the court had nothing to do with her winning? It was only because the judge gave away one point and one game? Are you serious?!

This is the typical Democrat one-way street. Democrats can do what they want and say what they want, and whenever they’re called out, they scream “racism!, prejudice!, misogyny!, sexism!, hate! And so on.

Nowhere is this more true than it is with black Democrats. Roseanne Barr made a joke about Valerie Jarrett, and the next thing you know, they portray Roseanne as the head of the KKK.

On the other hand, a white Democrat will call a black conservative the N-word, “uncle Tom,” or whatever else is blatantly hate speech and racism, and the Democrat party circles the wagons and says, “well he is, so it’s not racism, it’s fact! ”

Serena Williams is a rude, spoiled brat and has no sense of decency. They should ban her from setting foot inside a court. Instead, since she is a black Democrat, all of the Democrat media will support her and demand that the rules be changed to accommodate Queen Williams.

In interviews after the game, Serena acts like she’s standing up against “the man.” No, not just “the man,” “the white man.”

The next video has a good rant about the whole situation.

Europe Rejecting “Immigration” Insanity

Yes! Europe is doing a much better job than America at rejecting left-wing nutjobs who are trying to replace their populations with illegal and legal aliens.

We waited too long, & unlike Europe, we will lose our identity over the next ten years. Democrats and establishment Republicans have made sure to fill America with over 60 million Latinos, who will replace the fabric and culture of America.

Why would we want Latino culture to be dominant in America? Name one Latino country we should emulate ourselves after.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying anything directly against Latino individuals, personally. Obviously though, They don’t do a very good job of electing decent leadership.


– Venezuela – no explanation necessary

– Mexico – no explanation necessary

– El Salvador – no explanation necessary

– Guatemala – no explanation necessary

– Nicaragua – no explanation necessary

I could go on and on. For those of you who don’t know, and don’t understand why I keep saying “no explanation necessary,” If you understood anything about Latin American countries south of the United States, they are all filled with violence and corrupt leaders.

Think about it. If Latin American countries are so great, Why are tens of millions of them sneaking into America illegally? Why aren’t Americans or other people from around the world trying to sneak into their countries?

The answer? Because most of them are dangerous, violent hellholes. You can accuse me of being racist all you want. If you refuse to answer my questions then you’re just being ignorant and stupid.

There are many good Latino people. Unfortunately, they’re not the ones running the countries. For some reason, Only the psychotic ones run for government and/or get elected.

Most of the Latinos who are in office for running for office in the United States are psychotic people. Like Democrats, they believe anyone who doesn’t believe what they believe should be eliminated, ignored and not allowed to be in office. Democrats are dictators and Latino leaders of wanna-be leaders are the same.

As Democrats take control of the United States, they will fill our country with people who don’t believe what Americans have believed for hundreds of years, that we have a better way.

Democrats / Latinos and other anti-American people will outlaw freedom of speech and anyone who speaks against them. American patriots will be shamed, shut down, fired, rejected and incarcerated.

Europe doesn’t have a problem with Latinos as much as it does violent Africans and Islamists. I grew up over there. I saw it firsthand. Many Africans and Islamists reject European culture and they don’t want to assimilate. Many of them have disdain for European people, and they openly talk about replacing their western populations.

Europe typically doesn’t have right-wing parties like our Republican Party in the United States. They have left-wing, less left-wing, moderate left-wing and what they call “far right”, which means right-of-center Democrats.

In Switzerland they call it the “Rechtsrutsch” – a “slide to the Right.” Nationalist people all over Europe are sliding to the right.

Democrats/liberals all over the world see replacement as their future. They know if they can pack all the countries with foreign citizens, they ensure themselves power forever.

German left-wing Democrat leaders openly talk about replacing German people with peoples from other countries. They openly state how German people, specifically right-wing people, are evil and need to be replaced.

The common theme you will see all over the world is Democrats / liberals hate white people. They believe whites are colonial fascists who need to be replaced. American Democrats are openly talking about fighting and killing anyone who doesn’t believe what they believe.

The federal Republican Party is practically left-wing democrat, so we can’t expect any help from them. they hate Donald Trump and nationalists just as much as Democrats do.

Because of this, Americans “haven’t seen it coming.” the federal Republican Party has allowed Democrats to get away with whatever they want. Example, Hillary’s email server debacle.

Just on that one issue alone, Hillary Clinton should be locked up in federal prison for the rest of her life. every other American peon would’ve been arrested and the key would’ve been thrown away, but not Hillary. She gets a pass.

Why would Donald Trump do this? Why does he turn his back on one of the biggest American criminals we have ever had running for president? Either he is part of the new world order, or he is just that ignorant. Either way, it’s bad.

Enough for now.

Peace, out.

Peter Shinn
Pro-Life Unity
United we stand ~ Divided they die
Cherish Life Ministries
Empowering Christians to effectively communicate life issues
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