Sociopath: See Barack Obama

Barack Obama:

“Disregard for right and wrong, persistent lying to deceive others, using charm or wit to manipulate others, unnecessary risk-taking, and irresponsible work behavior.”

A pattern we have seen with Obama is that he does many things that make him fit perfectly to the definition of sociopath. I will use this article to update these things, connections.


“Take me to your leader”

2015 will be the summer of “Take me to your leader.” Instead of illegals hiding from the border patrol, they’re going to be crossing the border with flares and flags, begging to be picked up.

Thanks to Barack Obama and the Democrats, every person around the world who’s ever wanted to come to America and get free citizenship, now has the opportunity.


“African-American police state a modern-day crime against humanity

“The African American police state is unquestionably a modern day crime against humanity.”

You read that right.

What came in front of that? Garikai Chengu from Global Research writes:


Moderate Muslims are definitely in denial.

Sean Hannity speaking to Imam Mohammed Ali Elahi said:

“we have, in the name of your religion, raping, kidnapping, enslaving, assassinations, beheadings, firing squads, terror, bombings. All in the name of Allah. This is happening in the name of your prophet.”