Fascist Democrats Ready To Kill Americans Who Won’t Obey They Laws

“If you own an AK-47 or AR-15, “you’ll have to sell them to the government.”

Fascist DEMOCRATS running for president ADMIT THEY WILL KILL AMERICAN CITIZENS to take away their AR 15’s and AK-47s.

Will America wake up or go the way of Nazi Germany?

The Result Of Controlling The American School System

Democrats have successfully manipulated the minds of our children, making them Anti-American, anti-God and anti-family.

I agree, in many cases, the apathy of the parents contributed to these results.

Yeah, these whiny cucks are the future of America.


Hip-hop, this “music,” if you can call it that, is now what is most popular in America.

This garbage started out garbage 40 years ago, & remains garbage to this day.

Okay, maybe not all of it is garbage, only 99%.

Here, lose some brain cells. Unbelievable.

Katie Bouman IS NOT Responsible For The Black Hole Picture

“Katie Bouman IS NOT responsible for the black hole picture. Saying that isn’t sexist, it’s reality.”