Unfortunately, “the government” doesn’t allow incarceration of their own. They routinely commit crimes that would send ordinary Americans to jail. This is America’s version of a monarchy. They are royalty, we are peasants.

Unless the upper level FBI bureaucrats are fired and/or arrested, the farce of “fair elections” will continue.

“The memo” exposes the deep state criminal politicians. They manipulate language to get whatever they want.

Until now, it was primarily good vs evil, Republicans vs #CrookedDemocrats. Because Republicans are becoming pro-abortion, establishment politicians, it won’t be long until their party is just as bad.


I pray you have a safe and peaceful Christmas.


The Destruction of the Western World

Democrats/liberals use South America to destroy the United States of America. They know Latinos vote Democrat 75% of the time.

Democrats do not believe in our way of life. They want to remove free speech and ban guns so they can tell us what to do and when to do it.

Democrats believe Republicans & conservatives are too stupid to vote and legislate.

It’s like playing a game and losing because the other person cheated. Democrats absolutely believe you must cheat every way possible to get what you want. They believe people are just as crooked as them, so if they don’t cheat first, they are afraid they will lose to someone who does it to them.

America has been overrun with tens of millions of Latinos. Soon, there will be millions more, as another round of blanket amnesty is sure to come.

Europe is being overrun with radical Muslims. These aren’t peaceful, loving Muslims. They are raping and murdering Europeans. in many areas, women are afraid to go out, and not just at night.

“The fate of Europe was decided long ago…” on YouTube

What are Republican / Conservative Priorities?

I received a fund raising letter from the Heritage Foundation. A headline stated:

“With your support, Heritage can provide the President and Congress with the intellectual firepower to accomplish these key priorities:”