It’s time to replace Theresa May

Theresa May reminds me of FEDERAL REPUBLICANS, people who pretend they are conservative, promise to defend life and pre-born babies in the womb, yet when elected, DO NOTHING TO END ABORTION.

Click here to read how Theresa May stabbed the British people in the back. It was a hard-fought campaign to exit the European Union. Unbelievable and powerful. Yet Theresa May, who claims to be a conservative is anything but.

May never supported Brexit, and now, she’s trying to weaken it, to take the teeth out of it.

British people need to replace her as quickly as possible. If they don’t, all of their work to remain independent from the fascist European Union will have gone to waste.

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“ZEICHEN der ZEIT ? (Sign of the Times?)

German “Sign of the Times.” Mostly music, easy to understand just by watching. 
 At the end she says, “It seems like half the world has become totally insane, while the majority of the other half watches, and lets it happen.”

“United States is now signalling its retreat”

Peter Foster, Washington writer for The Telegraph, interviewed Ian Bremmer, foreign policy guru and author of ‘Superpower.’

Foster says:

“After six decades serving as the global policeman, the United States is now signalling its retreat from the world.”