Video – Defining Who We Are

It’s time for us to control the narrative. We aren’t “white supremacist, Nazi, racist, insurrectionist terrorists.” We are Christian patriots who love God & Country!

Rush Limbaugh Has Joined Our Lord

“Talent on loan from God” is no longer with us.  Rush Limbaugh helped me understand truth and conservatism more than anyone.

When I first came to America I was a socialist. I thought it was a practical, proper system. Rush taught me that our Republic and the independent, capitalist engine that it runs on is more important than all the other tried, failed systems. He talked about how it is more important to trust God then it is to trust men/women.

For most of my life I was amazed at how much I agreed with him on almost everything.

Rest in Peace Rush Limbaugh, warrior of truth. You are missed.

Guess What? Democrats Lie.

Wow, Joe gave us the vaccine?

Not Trump?

Joe Biden claims the vaccine was not available when he got in office. That’s funny, so how did he and Kamala get the shot in December?

Joe Biden and the Democrats can lie about whatever they want, because the mainstream media circle the wagons around them and protects them from the evil, white supremacist, Nazis who might call them out on it.


Republicans Aren’t Terrorists

Why aren’t all the DEMOCRATS who “VIOLENTLY” TOOK OVER THE SENATE building arrested? Why aren’t they considered terrorists?

What about all the violent, Democrat terrorists who burned, looted and murdered all across America for 10 months?


No, since Democrats control the media, only Republicans, people who commit .00000001% of the crimes, are the ones who are targeted.

Democrats have the gall to accuse President Trump and Republicans of committing sedition and insurrection. This is rich, coming from people who burn the American flag, take God out of country and destroy statues of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.