Ahmaud Arbery – The Democrat-Controlled “News Once Again Lies

Ahmaud Arbery – The Democrat-Controlled “News Once Again Lies

Ahmaud Arbery, an innocent black man was shot by “white supremacist” rednecks. His crime, according to CNN? “Jogging while black.”

CNN writes:

“Arbery, 25, was shot and killed on February 23 while jogging in southern Georgia. Gregory McMichael, 64, and his son, Travis McMichael, 34, were arrested Thursday — three months following the fatal shooting — after a 36-second video that appears to show the incident went viral.”

For days, democrats and the democrat-controlled media have called the shooters “white supremacists” and “racists.”

If we left the news up to the Democrats, you would never learn the actual truth of this incident and others like it.

Hmm. So Arbery wasn’t “jogging?” He was actually running away after committing a crime?

I’m shocked! Shocked I tell you! Who would believe that the Democrat-controlled media would lie to us?

Click here to read the actual news, supported by the video of Arbery “jogging” out of the building after he was caught.

By the way, the district attorney now says there is video evidence of Arbery “burglarizing a home before the chance.”


Hallmark Channel Embraces Homosexuality

Looks like the Hallmark Channel will no longer be, by their own words, a “safe and family-friendly network.”

Now that the Hallmark Channel has embraced homosexuality, this will never end. I guess they want to now be known as the homosexual channel?

Democrats Latest Attempted Coup To Overthrow The Presidency Fails

For almost 4 years, Democrats have been illegally trying to overthrow and impeach the Republican president of the United States.
Unfortunately, Federal Republicans Have only been playing defense, allowing Democrats to continue their Offensive push the entire time.
The latest illegal scam by the Democrat party and the Democrat media failed.

Democrat-controlled media turns on American citizens

Voting America is divided straight down the middle, yet the Democrat-controlled media refers to the better half as “fiends.”

Left-wing rag claims:

“About time Zuck flips on hate.”

Get that? Republican America, you are just haters.

I bet that 95% of those banned are conservative.

Don’t give me the garbage that “Louis Farrakhan is one of the banned people, so it’s fair.” That’s nonsense.

Farrakhan is an open anti-Jew hater, and he has been embraced by Democrats, including Obama, until now, when they need a left wing nutjob fall guy.

As Democrats complete their takeover of America, they will tighten their grip around the necks of those who disagree with them. Americans have been passive for too long, allowing this dystopian future to occur.

Some people think I’m foaming at the mouth, and I’m too radical. If anything, I’m understating the danger that’s coming our way!

Check out the definition of dystopia in the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Aja Romano, Vox, “In the era of Trump and apocalyptic change, Hopepunk is a storytelling template for #resistance — and hanging onto your humanity at all costs.,” 27 Dec. 2018

“Apocalyptic.” Yeah. The left wing manipulative media, entertainment and educational system is brainwashing the world to believe they are the good people. Anyone who believes in Jesus Christ, morals, values and that babies should be born, not killed … they are the evil ones.

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