Democrats call for violence against Republicans

Think about it.

The Democrat media and the Democrat Party call Republicans Nazis.

Now, CNN says:

“It’s time to punch a few Nazis.”

DEMOCRATS are stirring up their people to become violent! Will Republicans stand up to these THUGS before it’s too late?

“The Great Boomer Deception”

This is one of the most important videos you will ever watch. Yes, I realize that statement is overused. In this case I believe it to be true.
Not only is this one of the best analyses of a movie, in this case, “Pleasantville,” that you will ever see, it is also one of the best analyses of how Democrats destroyed America.

A HERo Takes Over

This spring, feminist Democrat dreams will finally come true. They are going to dump “the most powerful “HERo” in the universe on us, and she will be a woman.

For many years, boys and men have always argued about who was “the strongest.” The debate was usually between Superman and the Hulk. if you were talking about physical strength, who else could it be?


“Dana Perino Says Jim Acosta’s Colleagues Are Frustrated With His Anti-Trump Antics(VIDEO)!!!”

Chris Wallace, CNN was right to defend Fox News. Like you said, President Barack Obama declared war on the entire station.

Of course I have to add, Fox is the only station who actually reports news. They are the only station who isn’t pushing Democrat propaganda, 24/7!

In this case, only Jim Acosta had his pass revoked. Why? Because he is a bully! Why would you as a representative of Fox News defend a bully?