Media Lies

Disney, ‘Rotten to the Core’

This is what Disney thinks our children should be listening to. Sofia Carson sings this catchy jingle called ‘Rotten to the Core. I will include the full route lyrics at the bottom, but for now, let’s just look at how the song starts.

The first part makes these connections, “trouble, bad, evil , glad.”

It goes downhill from there.


Eric Bolling stand up to Julie Roginsky

Eric Bolling (@ericbolling), discussing the mess in Baltimore, the massive uptick in violence, you asked Julie Roginsky (@julieroginsky) “How did we get here?”

Her answer?


Journalism? With no proof, Rolling Stone branded University of Virginia a “rape school”

No ethics. Rolling Stone brands University of Virginia  a “rape school,” clouding their image and stopping people from going there.

“Nobody wants to go to rape school” article

But, according to Rolling Stone, nobody needs to be fired because the publisher, Jann Wenner, “believes the missteps were unintentional, not purposefully deceitful.”


Washington Post accuses Ofc. Darren Wilson of executing Michael Brown

The Washington Post attempts to set the record straight on “hands up don’t shoot,” but accuses Darren Wilson of executing Michael Brown.

Their exact words are: