Media Lies

America Becomes More Fascist Under Democrat Rule

MORE proof that the FBI & Department of Homeland Security are anti-American shills for the Democratic Party. They are working hard to find fictitious “white supremacist” criminals while ignoring black lives matter & Antifa, who burn, loot, riot American property and murder people in America.


Democrat politicians like to rule over us, the “little people.” They look at us like peons rather than their bosses. They believe they know what’s best for us and they believe those who oppose them, should fear them.

To make us fear them, they punish us for wrongthink. If we say anything Democrats don’t like they “cancel” us. It’s easy for them to do since they control almost all the news and social media,

Our soldiers are being indoctrinated to believe that white people who don’t share their liberal, anti-American worldview are evil and that we are the enemy of America. Our soldiers are taught to fear Democrat military leaders, because if they don’t, they might not get promoted or they might be brought up on charges.

Under Democrat rule, any white person who doesn’t succumb to their demands is labeled an insurrectionist, white supremacist and racist. They are actually trying to put a law in place to try to make that label “insurrectionist” stick to anyone who went into the Capitol building. Even though Democrat terrorists stormed the congressional House of Representatives, they make it seem like Republicans are terrorists storming the Capitol.

Remember, only Republicans were killed that day, including the capital policeman, who didn’t die from violence, he died from a stroke later on. Remember, the majority of the violence and destruction was caused by Democrat terrorists, including black lives matter and Antifa.

Freedom of speech is still a thing in America. Even though they are using the news and social networking to cancel anyone who has different views than the Democrat tyrants.

  • I don’t believe that whites are racist
  • I don’t believe killing babies is a good thing
  • I don’t believe biological males should steal medals and scholarships from females in sports
  • I don’t believe the world should be shut down so that Democrats could use coronavirus as a weapon against us
  • I don’t believe aunt Jemima, Gone With The Wind, the Dukes of Hazzard, Mr. potato head and all the other things that Democrats have banned are evil or racist
  • I don’t believe our children should be indoctrinated with the garbage Democrat worldview
  • I believe in Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, and that schools should be open to Christianity, not shutdown as they are under Democrat tyranny
  • I don’t believe we should allow Democrats to erode our Second Amendment right to defend ourselves from them

I don’t share the worldview of the Democrat party and they can’t force me to do so!

We know God is on our side, and God is not weak. Still, if you don’t have healthy fear for things that can harm you, you are more likely to get harmed.

This doesn’t mean you don’t speak up and stand up to the Democrat tyrants. More than ever, it is now necessary to do so. As they fabricate criminal charges against us and throw us in jail, as they get us fired from our jobs, as they prevent us from even getting hired, as they stop us from getting into the schools of our choices, as they close our bank accounts, now is the time to speak up if we don’t share their worldview. Now is the time to encourage Americans to stand up to political, Democrat tyrants.

Democrats Are Treating Republicans Like The Nazis Treated Jews

Democrats claim the Republican Party behaves “like a terror group,” is rife with “terrorist sympathizers,” & should be viewed as “enemy combatants.”

Democrats are turning our military and police forces against us!

Democrats fabricated a story about Republicans being insurrectionists who were trying to stage a coup at the Capitol on January 6. The truth was that Democrat insurrectionists tricked Republicans into going inside the Capitol building. Democrat terrorists had planned the attack for days, they even publicly bragged about what they were going to do.

Democrat media spread the message that it was actually evil, Republican white supremacists who “attacked” the capital.

Democrats in Congress have relentlessly accused President Trump and his supporters of being insurrectionists, white supremacist Nazis.

Democrats used the January 6 event to create a false flag Republican attack on the United States. They learned from the Nazis and the famous Reichstag false flag.

A couple of weeks ago, Biden’s new defense secretary actually made the statement that he was going to standdown our United States military so that he could search for insurrectionists and white supremacist. Do you think they were looking for Democrats? No. I guarantee they didn’t open the record of one single Democrat soldier.

They are only looking at Republicans, specifically Republicans who support President Trump.

This type of anti-American, unconstitutional behavior is not new. When Obama will took office, the first thing he did was put pro-life people on the terrorist watchlist. After a lot of uproar, they went underground with this effort.

Since 9/11, Democrats haven’t been using our CIA and FBI to unmask Islamic terrorism in the United States as much as they have put millions of dollars of resources toward trying to find right-wing “terrorists.”

It’s startling to me people of the United States allow the Democrat party to use our state and federal governments to illegally attack Republicans. they blocked us from getting our nonprofit corporate status, they stop us from getting jobs, they get us fired from our jobs, they block us from going to school, they disconnect our bank accounts, they disconnect us from our social media sites, they stop us from getting home loans and more.

What is happening to Republicans in America today is exactly what happened to the Jewish people in Nazi Germany. I am a Christian Jew and my mother’s family was wiped out by the Nazis. Don’t even try to tell me I don’t have a right to talk about this.

Because of Democrat policies which allow the murder of unborn children through abortion, my first child was slaughtered after my girlfriend was forced to have an abortion in 1978.

Democrats know that 99% of speech is online. This is why they stop conservatives from having a voice. They claim the First Amendment doesn’t apply because they’re not controlling the platforms. They are lying.

Not only are they blocking free-speech and getting rid of the First Amendment, they are now pushing their next agenda, get rid of the Second Amendment.

The 2020 presidential election was a successful Democrat coup. They blocked all free-speech prior to the election and 99% of all media ran positive stories about Joe Biden while attacking President Trump every minute. They changed the election laws at the last second, using the coronavirus as a tool of fear to shutdown America.

Then, as President Trump demanded legal audits of votes, Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans told him and us to sit down and shut up, the election was over.

The American people allowed this presidential coup.

It’s unfortunate there are millions of Americans who are so ignorant about what’s happening in this country.

Democrats are immoral, inhumane people who shouldn’t even be in charge of a bakesale, let alone our state and federal governments!

It’s not a conspiracy when it’s actually happening.


Guess What? Democrats Lie.

Wow, Joe gave us the vaccine?

Not Trump?

Joe Biden claims the vaccine was not available when he got in office. That’s funny, so how did he and Kamala get the shot in December?

Joe Biden and the Democrats can lie about whatever they want, because the mainstream media circle the wagons around them and protects them from the evil, white supremacist, Nazis who might call them out on it.


Pro-Trump or conservative? You are no longer welcome in America

Are you Pro-Trump or a conservative?

Wake up to the reality that there is no justice left in America.


None of the evidence of election fraud would have been found out if it weren’t for American citizens doing the job of the FBI and the Department of Justice.

The criminals behind the election fraud weren’t just Democrat politicians. No, the media and social media companies had/have their hands in it as well. The media perpetuated the “nothing to see here” lie, while Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites blocked or banned anyone speaking of election fraud or anything negative against Democrat politicians.

Facebook removed my profile, wiping out 10,000 contacts, 50 groups and pages and years of communications with friends & the American people. LinkedIn disconnected me from my profile, disconnecting me from another 10,000 connections.

And I’m just a little guy. There are many conservative and moderate users on those platforms who were also disconnected, removing their contact with millions of people.

For many years now, Democrats have been pointing fingers at Republicans and conservatives screaming “Nazi, Nazi, Nazi,” “Russia, Russia, Russia” and “racist, racist, racist.” Why did they play that song hundreds of thousands of times over and over? Because they knew it would stick eventually, even if it wasn’t true, and, they wanted people to get tired of the narrative so that it couldn’t be traced back to them.

Just look at 2016. Before the presidential election, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama and the Democrats ILLEGALLY were working with the Russians to manufacture anything that would make Trump look guilty of a crime. After the elections the Democrat politicians banged the “Russia, Russia, Russia” drum, and three years later, Trump was found innocent of any wrongdoing.

Democrats wasted billions of taxpayer dollars to throw the American citizens off the trail of what it was they were doing, and at the same time they sowed enough seeds of doubt in the American people, they succeeded in taking over the United States House of Congress!

After the 60s, when Democrat politicians attacked black people in the streets, siccing dogs on them and spraying them with water hoses, Democrats needed to change that negative narrative. How did they do that? They said it was the Republicans who did it.

Yup, since they control 99% of the media in America, it was as easy as that. Whenever elections come around they play those same videos of dogs on blacks and hoses spraying black people down. Even though Democrat politicians were the ones giving the orders for those attacks on blacks in America, today, the American people don’t know that. They think Republicans are racist.

“You’re a Nazi!” Democrats claim Republicans are tyrants and murderers, even though they don’t have facts to back up what they’re saying. Who needs facts? They can make up whatever they want. They can say that Trump is killing people all over the world, and without any other media saying otherwise, people will keep that thought of Trump and Republicans being murderers in the back of their minds.

The truth is, Democrats ARE murderers and tyrants. The Democrat party is personally responsible for the murder of over 75 million babies in the United States of America since 1973. Abortion is their “baby,” pun intended. They knew the American people would never vote to legalize abortion, so they back-doored the United States legal system and shoved baby-killing through the Supreme Court.

This was when we first realized there was something wrong with the Republican Party. Republicans should have easily been able to get rid of the illegal decriminalization of abortion, yet they didn’t want to, and they haven’t wanted to since then either.

Democrats are personally responsible for the murder tens of thousands of American citizens who have been killed over the years by illegal aliens. Not only have Democrats made sure they can flow into America by the millions, approximately 20 million by now, they also release them from prison whenever they commit crimes.

As if that weren’t bad enough, Democrats have created sanctuary cities all over America, where murderers, rapists and violent thugs run away from the legal system, protected by Democrat judges.

It is also easy to prove how Democrats are intolerant, misogynist and the real haters of mankind, but that will have to wait for another day. For now, I want to end on how they are what we need to fear the most, TYRANTS.

We all know the Democrat’s favorite mantra, “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Along came coronavirus. The Wuhan virus was just another SARS, severe acute respiratory syndrome. As a matter of fact, initially, they labeled it SARS COV 2. What made COVID 19 so unique? Liberals and Democrats. They even changed the name from “Wuhan virus” to COVID-19 so that President Trump and Republicans would look racist if we called it what everyone in Asia called it, the Wuhan virus.

What happened to the first virus? It was contained by China. Why did the Chinese Communist Party allow 10 million people to escape from China, delivering the virus all over the world? I’m sure they and the Democratic Party know the answer to that question.

Why did Nancy Pelosi say “come on down, everything’s fine” in Chinatown, after it was known how contagious coronavirus was? Shortly after that Democrats attacked President Trump, saying he wasn’t taking the virus seriously, allowing Americans to die. Since then they refer to him as the man responsible for the death of millions of Americans.

Remember, four months Democrats were saying masks were worthless against the virus. Now, not only will they mask shame you if you aren’t wearing one, they will arrest you!

The coronavirus seems like it was a product delivered to the Democrat party. Since the Democrats have illegal interactions with the Chinese Communist Party and since coronavirus comes from China, I’m starting to believe that’s a real possibility.

Next, the lockdowns. All around the world, including America, liberals and Democrats have shutdown our streets and our businesses. They arrest us if we try to make money to pay our bills. They threaten us if we want together to get together with our families for birthdays, Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Meanwhile they are the ones breaking their own laws. Nancy Pelosi had her hair done at a hair salon, bringing trouble to the salon after they exposed her actions. Governor Cuomo ignored his own state laws, while Governor Gavin Newsom ignored many laws, having dinner at an inside restaurant, many people sitting close together, with no masks.

America has become a nation living in fear, no, not of COVID-19, of the Democrat party and their tyrannical laws! Millions of Americansare losing their homes and they can’t eat because of Democrat policies. Nancy Pelosi delayed the release fil for months because President Trump wouldn’t allow the Democrat party to write personal checks totaling HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF $DOLLARS$ to Democrats and liberals all over the world. They wanted to bail out every single Democrat state and city whose policies drove them into the rented over the years.

Now that their “relief” plan has been released, they shoved it at the Republicans, saying “here, you have six hours to read 5000 pages.” This is like that bill, years ago, where Nancy Pelosi famously said ” you have to pass it to see what’s in it.”

In the end they were going to give $600 for every working American which totaled a little over $100 billion, well giving hundreds of billions of dollars to their friends all over the world. think about it. Democrats have not had to miss 1 paycheck. Nancy Pelosi and her cronies collect over $10,000 per month, while they expect us to kiss their feet for $600 FOR SIX MONTHS of unemployment!

Finally, election fraud. the Democrats removed my social media accounts so that I couldn’t continue pointing out their criminal actions in the 2020 presidential election. As I mentioned before, I wasn’t the only one. Their argument was that they didn’t control the message, they were only a platform. What is obvious is that there is a filter. They control the message by allowing what they want to be said to be said while removing everyone they disagree with. It isn’t just social media. The news promotes Democrats while attacking Republicans all day, every day. 1960s Russia would be proud how Democrats are controlling and manipulating the American people.

Prior to the election, it was scary enough, because we knew how tyrannical Democrats could be. Now, we’re waking up to the reality that there aren’t just a few RINO’s joining Democrats in their efforts, it seems these left-leaning Republicans have infiltrated many state governments, and, almost our entire United States Congress!

Hundreds of investigations have proven how Democrats were systemically and systematically cheating all over the United States. They had many methods of cheating, including ballot harvesting, forced signatures from nursing home patients, stolen ballads from nursing homes, dead people voting, machine transfer of votes from Biden to Trump, stealing military votes and changing them from Biden to Trump and so on. So-called Republicans have joined with the Democrats claiming “if you had proof, how come no court will except your case?” Really? As if that’s an answer. Since these courts are controlled by judges who are Democrats or people who hate President Trump, it’s not possible to get a case heard in the first place! United States Supreme Court rejected the Texas case saying “it had no standing.” Seriously? No standing?!

How about the fact that the United States presidential election is being stolen by the Democrat party?!

Since there are so many never-Trump politicians and Democrats out there, there is a real possibility the Democrat coup to over the United States will be successful.

Yeah it’s bad. Remember this though, at least 74 million people voted for President Trump. That means there are 74 million smart people who know President Trump is best for this country right now. We can’t give up. We must keep the faith and not give in. No matter what!

I will end on this note. What did Hillary Clinton advise Joe Biden before the election? She told Joe, “Never concede.” President Trump, I pray you do the same. Never concede!