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“Town Hall?” More Like Democrat Hatchet Job

“Town Hall?” More Like Democrat Hatchet Job

“While Grandpa Gropes was being verbally caressed by Stephanopoulos on ABC, the president was subjected to a barrage of ridiculousness from a partisan, agenda-driven shrieking harridan in the form of Guthrie.”

Savannah Guthrie did a good job as the attack dog for the Democratic Party. Her hatred and disdain for President Trump was obvious throughout the event. I’m sure she got a big bonus for the vitriol which oozed from her lips.

One thing that’s obvious from public events where Democrats interact with President Trump, they have no respect for him. They don’t talk to him as if he is an equal, they talk to him as if he is an enemy of the state.

Nope, Democrats don’t even pretend to be fair.

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Record cold and snow hitting the Midwest

The national news won’t bother to talk about it, they will only run headlines when there are record hot temperatures.

Propaganda Media Continues To Help Joe Biden

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Could you imagine if Republicans did something like this? The Democrat-controlled media would run headlines “exposing” this for weeks.

CNN airbrushed the Redskins logo off of the hat Biden’s son was wearing. This is crazy.

The propaganda media will do anything and everything to get their candidates elected. Considering Democrats control at least 90% of the media in the United States, including social media, TV, radio, websites and newspapers, that says a lot.


Two Americas

Watch this press conference and listen to these weasel so-called “reporters” ask questions. You can hear their vitriol dripping from their mouths as they attack President Trump.

Kayleigh McEnany handles these children pretending to be journalists like the professional that she is.

The United States is not united anymore. It’s time to move on.