Democrats Continue the Fight for Child-Killing

America continues to be one of the most brutal countries in the world, allowing the slaughter of living humans in the womb all the way up to the moment of delivery.

Only six countries out of 200 allow shredding/killing living babies in the womb after 20 weeks.

Child killing through all nine months is one of the Democrat Party’s biggest issues. The federal Republican Party is just as complicit in the 65 million+ murdered humans in the United States since 1973.

Federal Republicans refuse to end abortion. They have had many chances, but they don’t even try.

I make sure to stipulate “federal” Republicans.

State Republicans are working hard to end abortion. Credit must be given where credit is due.

While Democrats continue the fight for child-killing, federal Republicans, in my opinion, are worse than them. At least we know where Democrats stand.

Federal Republicans pretend to be pro-life. To them pro-life is just a word. They use it to get elected, that’s all.

“We need a digital Bill of Rights”

If Republicans don’t step up and stop the authoritarian, Democrat bullies right now, we will be watching the end of free speech.
Info wars helped elect Donald Trump and Democrats know it. Conservative social media helped elect Donald Trump and Democrats know it.
Now, Google, Apple and others are pretending no federal funds helped them build their “private” corporations and they are banning everyone they disagree with.
Democrats own a monopoly on social media. That alone is reason enough for federal Republicans to step up and defend conservative America.
In three months, congressional elections will be held, and if it happens without conservative social media, authoritarian, tyrannical Democrats are likely to take over. America will likely become a very scary place.
Americans will wake up to a new America. They will wake up to tyrants who believe it is their duty to tell us what to think and how to behave. This isn’t a conspiracy, this is fact. They are already doing it, so you can’t even imagine how much worse it’s going to be when they assume control.
Too many Christians won’t rise up against these evil Democrats. They want to believe these are end times, and God is coming, so they don’t have to do anything. They act like this is some sort of Christian game show where all they have to do is sit back and watch it happen.
It’s possible God is ready to come back. Are you willing to bet your future on that? Are you willing to allow Democrats to force you and your family to live in fear?
If yes, keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t bother voting and don’t bother standing up for those who are being oppressed.
If you’re tired of watching America lose our greatness one day at a time, then take a stand. Vote for conservatives, not establishment Republicans. Speak for Info Wars and speak against the tyrannical, authoritarian, Democrat-controlled social media.–

Happy birthday America!

Still the best country in the world! Pro-Life Unity – Life and Liberty

Democrats CLAIM They Want Freedom And Equal Rights

The truth is, they want neither. They don’t want conservative, pro-gun, pro-Trump individuals to be able to speak about anything, and they will use their power to oppress everyone they disagree with.

Democrats control all media, including social media. They will also lie, cheat and steal any time and all the time to get what they want. That’s a dangerous combination. It means they can say and do anything, while blocking everyone who has a different opinion.

It’s not an exaggeration to say Democrats are criminals. They commit any crime they want, because in their minds, they’re right, you’re stupid, which empowers them to do anything to shut down the idiots of the world.

PJ media points out how Facebook now has a new question on every post, “Is this hate speech?”

Is this “hate speech?” You bet! I hate it that Democrats have become oppressors, who use their power to shut down everyone whom they disagree with. I hate abortion, which women use to kill their own children. I hate the lies Democrats use to manipulate us.

Mark Zuckerberg claims he’s willing to lose money to make the world a better place. Not hardly, he’s willing to spend money to make sure Republicans don’t get elected.

Yeah, we’re really supposed to trust Facebook to determine “trustworthiness?” Mark ZUCKERBERG is just another POWER-HUNGRY DEMOCRAT who wants to manipulate the world.

“Social media firms have banned gun videos and rejected pro-life advertisements. They have skewed search results and adjusted trending topics in ways that have harmed the right. Firms have restricted and deleted videos, even

academic content.”

61 Conservative leaders issued a joint statement “urging leading social media companies to adopt four key principles in order to ensure that conservatives receive equal treatment on these important platforms.”

And Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream.

Although America today is much better than it used to be, Democrats continue to push racism, and they accuse Republicans of being racist on a daily basis.

95% of the black population votes Democrat have a majority of the Latino population does the same. Democrats need the mainstream media and the social networks to continue their propaganda.

Kanye West recently spoke out in support of President Trump and defended America. Democrats immediately went on the attack. They won’t allow a free thinking black person to walk off “the plantation.”

Democrat-controlled Twitter has now taken to banning conservatives.

The thing Democrats fear the most is competition. They need to control who can speak. That’s why there are rules for them and rules for everyone else.

Paul Joseph Watson points out the latest move by Democrat-controlled YouTube to ban conservatives. They didn’t approve of his response to the “This is America” video.


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