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“you can call the police if you want, and they will come, and take a picture of your dead body.”

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The price of no mothers and fathers


Watching the National Geographic show “Underworld”. A young, black “street-level dealer who “calls himself “skillet,”   says:

“I’m 19 I’ve been doing this since I was 15 man. You got to feed yourself cuz ain’t nobody else going to be able to do it.

We grew up without mothers or fathers around us, so you feel me? You’ve got to be your own father figure. Get your own money out here, cuz nobody gonna give it to you.”

Imagine that America. We have millions of youth who grow up without families, thanks to Democrat policies, which encourage people to stay separated. These young kids are becoming violent thugs, criminals, preying on the rest of the country.

Skillet carries a gun, and I guarantee you, he’ll kill you without a thought.

Why Democrats today really are “baby killers”


Long ago, Democrats used to argue “It’s a clump of cells, not a human being.” As years went on, the argument then transitioned into “It’s a fetus, not a baby,” followed by, “The baby is not a person until it is born.” Where are we now? Whoopi Goldberg recently said: