FBI Traitors Must Be Arrested

THIS IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. This report shows “FBI Refusing to Give Congress Material That Alleges Loretta Lynch Interfered in Clinton Investigation.”

Democrats holding positions of power in government are a threat to the United States.

They are even more dangerous if they are a part of our intelligence services. TO them, THE DEMOCRAT PARTY comes first, LAW COMES SECOND.

People working for the United States government who refuse to obey United States law are criminals and traitors. This can’t be taken lightly. Republicans aren’t doing their jobs.

If they were, we would be hearing about a Democrat being arrested every day. The Republicans put together panels, getting exasperated with the Democrats who refuse to talk. But they won’t throw them in jail.

The Republican Party just isn’t up to the task. There are so many Democrats who poke the Republicans in the eyeballs every single day, challenging them to do something about it, and the Republicans never do anything.

Because of this, the border has been completely out of control for over 50 years, and tens of millions of emboldened illegals have poured into our great country and are telling us how they are going to “take it back.”

Comey should be in jail. Hillary should be in jail. Loretta Lynch should be in jail. There are countless Democrats who should be behind bars for a very long time, yet there’s not the slightest possibility any one of them will do any jail time in the near future.

If this were the other way around, Democrats would have no problem arresting every Republican who shifted in his chair wrong.

This cowardly Republican Party has to change. If they don’t grow a spine, soon, it’s the end of America as we know her.

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Why are liberals all over the world working so hard to become real fascists? The bigger question is, why do sane people continue to vote for psychotic politicians?

“The Orwellian Jailing of Tommy Robinson”

This is what Democrats have planned for America. They will arrest those of us who disagree with them, and have us completely disappear.

“Britain is now a totalitarian state.”

Who’s next?

If we are silent, evil will prevail.

Lauren Southern’ s opinion:

Federal Republicans Turn Their Backs On Crime

The FEDERAL REPUBLICAN PARTY, who practically has complete control over the federal government, REFUSES TO ARREST CRIMINAL DEMOCRATS, who created a sanctuary state in California, ALLOWING thousands of AMERICAN CITIZENS TO BE MURDERED by illegal aliens.