Parents Will Be Fined Or Jailed For Failing To Comply With Government Orders”

Parents will be fined or jailed for failing to comply with government orders if their child fails the subjective evaluations.”
Coming soon to America.

Yes, you can guarantee when Democrats take over in 2024, they will force this on us as well.

America, Democrat Controlled By 2025

How did Republicans lose Texas? Democrat-voting Latinos. How did Republicans lose Arizona? Democrat-voting Latinos. How did Republicans lose Virginia? Democrat-voting Latinos. How will Republicans lose America by 2025? Democrat-voting Latinos.

It’s not racism, it’s a fact.

Ben Shapiro Has A Lot To Learn

Ben Shapiro, first of all, the headline of your article is:

“Are Conservative Immigration Restrictionists Racist?”


That is a very obnoxious headline. It’s because of people like you that America was filled up with so many illegal and legal “immigrants,” that the fabric of America is torn forever.

Sometimes it seems like you get it, and other times your naïveté and youth stand out.

Do you seriously believe Democrats will want to be reasonable with conservatives, people whom they refer to as “racist, misogynist, white supremacist Nazis?”


Democrats knew what they wanted in 1965. They wanted to fill up America with so many Latinos, most of whom vote Democrat, that they would solidify their power base forever.

It was Republicans like you that went along with them, believing they would be good for America, providing cheap labor for businesses and allowing businesses to grow.

Absolute stupidity.

As it was, even back then, we started getting rid of manufacturing, shipping it overseas to the Asians, first Japan, eventually China.

Democrats kept trying to figure out what to do with the millions of legal and illegal immigrants that kept pouring in from Mexico and South America. They weren’t needed on the farms, as machines replaced humans. There were only so many cleaning and gardening jobs that could be filled.

Eventually, Democrats just started writing government checks to the Latinos. Yes, our tax dollars hard at work.

I saw a PBS story the other day about a woman who was here for over 20 years illegally. She had three children and didn’t work. She received food stamps, welfare, unemployment, housing and whatever else. She even managed to send money home to her family!

Ben, because of fake Republicans like you, America as we know her is vanishing forever. Our only choice is to secede from the union. Democrats have no desire to get along with Republicans.

Conservatives are being fired from their jobs as soon as Democrats find out who they are. They’re also being blocked from being hired. Conservative students are getting bad grades when the teachers find out who they are.

The Democrat-controlled IRS held back Christian, conservative organizations from existing. They illegally blocked my pro-life Christian ministry for over a year.

Democrats have no desire to reach out their hands in friendship. To the contrary, as we heard from Beto O’Rourke,


How is he going to accomplish that tyrannical goal? Beto will send soldiers and policeman to the homes of American citizens and kill us if we don’t comply.

Yes, seceding from this union is a radical idea. Staying in this union is naïve, dangerous and stupid.

Why? Democrats are tyrants. In a few short years when they have achieved their majority they will rule as tyrants.

Remember, Democrats are the baby-killing party. It is because of them that almost 70 million babies have been slaughtered in the womb. Allow me to repeat that. Because of Democrats, 70 MILLION babies have been slaughtered in the womb!

If Democrats are that brutal to innocent babies, how do you think they will be toward us, again, people whom they refer to as “racist, misogynist, white supremacist Nazis?”

I believe they will try “Clockwork Orange” type indoctrination on anyone who doesn’t think the way they do.

Under Democrat Rule, Our Children Are Criminals

Conservatives/independents/libertarians, do you really think you can live under the looming, Democrat dictatorship?

You know Democrats are tyrants, and they will stop at nothing to put their boots on our necks after their takeover of America is complete.

How many children in America have been arrested, suspended or expelled from school for pointing their fingers at someone else and saying “bang, bang!?”

Yeah, these criminal children, pretending fingers are guns, they should be HUNG!


Think about it. If our children are being arrested for this non-crime now, what will happen in a few years after the Democrats have taken over America?