Why are liberals all over the world working so hard to become real fascists? The bigger question is, why do sane people continue to vote for psychotic politicians?

“The Orwellian Jailing of Tommy Robinson”

This is what Democrats have planned for America. They will arrest those of us who disagree with them, and have us completely disappear.

“Britain is now a totalitarian state.”

Who’s next?

If we are silent, evil will prevail.

Lauren Southern’ s opinion:

Federal Republicans Turn Their Backs On Crime

The FEDERAL REPUBLICAN PARTY, who practically has complete control over the federal government, REFUSES TO ARREST CRIMINAL DEMOCRATS, who created a sanctuary state in California, ALLOWING thousands of AMERICAN CITIZENS TO BE MURDERED by illegal aliens.

America Sold-Out By Unscrupulous Republicans

Anti-American traitors like the Koch brothers have been using us for their personal gain for too long.

Unscrupulous, establishment Republicans, financed by those weasels, have packed America with 1/5th of the population of Mexico for their cheap labor.

The pro-mass immigration GOP megadonor billionaire Koch brothers are threatening Republicans running midterm campaigns, saying they want to see an amnesty for millions of illegal aliens passed or they will ‘closely evaluate’ their aiding and funding of certain candidates.