Democrat Skools

I’ve been saying this for years. It’s not just the teachers. Since Democrats control the entire school system, they have changed history itself. This means conservative teachers are using books written by Democrats to teach our children.

If teachers don’t take the extra step to teach our children the real truth, kids today become indoctrinated Democrat slaves of tomorrow.

We need to write a book of corrections so that parents can help our children understand the truth. For instance, Americans did not give Indians smallpox infested blankets to try to kill them off!

Today, K-12 and colleges work hard to teach that Americans are evil people, who have done evil things throughout history, and that white people should be replaced. If we don’t make sure to teach our children the truth as this disinformation is being taught to them, it will be much harder to convince them later on.

Democrat-controlled media turns on American citizens

Voting America is divided straight down the middle, yet the Democrat-controlled media refers to the better half as “fiends.”

Left-wing rag claims:

“About time Zuck flips on hate.”

Get that? Republican America, you are just haters.

I bet that 95% of those banned are conservative.

Don’t give me the garbage that “Louis Farrakhan is one of the banned people, so it’s fair.” That’s nonsense.

Farrakhan is an open anti-Jew hater, and he has been embraced by Democrats, including Obama, until now, when they need a left wing nutjob fall guy.

As Democrats complete their takeover of America, they will tighten their grip around the necks of those who disagree with them. Americans have been passive for too long, allowing this dystopian future to occur.

Some people think I’m foaming at the mouth, and I’m too radical. If anything, I’m understating the danger that’s coming our way!

Check out the definition of dystopia in the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Aja Romano, Vox, “In the era of Trump and apocalyptic change, Hopepunk is a storytelling template for #resistance — and hanging onto your humanity at all costs.,” 27 Dec. 2018

“Apocalyptic.” Yeah. The left wing manipulative media, entertainment and educational system is brainwashing the world to believe they are the good people. Anyone who believes in Jesus Christ, morals, values and that babies should be born, not killed … they are the evil ones.

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(Liberal nutjobs) “are writing Europeans out of their own history”

Liberals everywhere are forcing their multiculturalism on us through forced “immigration” and indoctrination.

(Video) The American School System Is Collapsing Under Democrat Rule.

“In my 41 years of teaching I have never seen such an avalanche bad behavior, disrespectful behavior, mob like behavior of children in schools. Is to the point that teachers are leaving this profession in groves.”

Keith Williams Memphis Ed. Association

Democrats control everything in the school systems. Therefore they control our children’s minds and their futures. Not only is there a lack of control, the focus of curriculum today is to undermine what made America great.

Our founding fathers fought tyranny, our teachers only teach focus on their connections with slavery.

Republicans freed the slaves, teachers focus on connecting nationalism with (racist) white nationalism, white nationalism with white supremacy, white supremacy with Republicans, Republicans with Nazism.

America’s fought many wars to save millions of people from tyranny. Democrats teach American allies to go to war and that we are just tyrants.

Americans did not slaughter the American Indians. Yet the teachers teach we hunted them out of sport, shooting them out of trains and killing them with smallpox blankets.

Democrats have created a country that punishes people for being married, while providing financial incentives for having children out of wedlock. Because of this, the majority of black children in America do not have fathers.

Those children aren’t properly disciplined by their mothers, who pass them over to the school system to do the job.

The school system was not created to discipline children, they were created to teach the children. Unable to handle violent children with psychological problems, many teachers are being beaten and abused causing dozens to resign.