Sterilize? Heal? What’s the difference?

What do Democrats really mean when they talk about “healing?” They mean it’s time to start sterilizing the world of Republicans and anyone who disagrees with them.

Democrats have NEVER said a nice word about us. Don’t expect them to start doing it now.

Coronavirus – Democrat Fear Porn Which Was Used To Help Elect Democrats

“This is not Ebola. It’s not SARS. It’s politics playing medicine. And that’s a very dangerous game.”

Dr. Roger Hodkinson, a top Edmonton doctor in virology says Albertans “are being led down the garden path” by government health officials in their efforts to stop the COVID-19 virus.

Dr. Roger Hodkinson says the virus is no worse than a “bad flu.”

“Masks are utterly useless. There is no evidence based on their effectiveness whatsoever. Seeing these people walking around like lemmings obeying without any knowledge…putting the masks on.”

Democrats and global liberals are using coronavirus to accelerate their “Great Reset” of the world. When people are scared, they are easy to manipulate, and it’s not just Democrats who are doing this. Establishment Republicans participate in this insanity as well. How can you tell which ones are establishment Republicans?

Right now, it’s not that hard. It’s almost like playing a game of “Whack a mole.” They are popping up everywhere. Like former President George Bush. He and other establishment Republicans phoned former Vice President Biden to congratulate him for winning the election. That’s a bizarre thing to do since he didn’t win the election!

This is why President Trump has had such a difficult time during his first four years in office. He picks Republicans to serve with him, not knowing they are establishment traitors, just waiting to sink their knives into his back. It’s not his fault, these establishment Republicans are just like Democrats, they are good at lying.

Look at Justice John Roberts. So many people thought he was going to be a conservative Supreme Court justice. We got the opposite, he’s just another liberal. Unfortunately, Cavanagh might turn out to be the same.

These Democrats, establishment Republicans and global liberals are all part of this new world order they are trying to create called “The Great Reset.” Their slogan is “Build Back Better.”

In other words, to hell with freedom, to hell with Democracy, to hell with capitalism. These people are scary. They actually consider coronavirus an “opportunity” to accelerate the Great Reset and they say so publicly. This article in Time Magazine should frighten everyone. Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum believes:

“A Better Economy Is Possible. But We Need to Reimagine Capitalism to Do It.”

What if you don’t want to “reimagine capitalism?” Then these globalists will cancel you. You won’t be able to work, you won’t be able to go to school , still disconnecting from your bank and they will disconnect you from social media.

Democrats pretend they believe “can’t we all just get along?” When Biden and Harris raised their hands together saying “let the healing begin,” they didn’t mean conservatives and Democrats were going to get aalon. They meant it’s time for themselves to heal after four years of President Trump.

The biggest mistake conservatives make is trying to get along with Democrats. Democrats despise anyone who doesn’t agree with them. Conservatives are the ones who are actually saying “can’t we all just get along?,” while liberals, Democrats and establishment Republicans look for every opportunity to get rid of us.

Before, during and after the election, Democrats referred to President Trump and anyone who voted for him as a white supremacist Nazis. Do those sound like people who want to “get along?” Today’s sound like people who want to “heal?”

If conservatives don’t wake up and figure out how to secure pieces of the United States, we will wind up shunned, broke, in reeducation camps and/or in jail. Don’t think it can’t happen.

Democrats already control public schools all the way through college. Those are indoctrination centers. When you get out, you’re forced to participate in sensitivity training in order to be employed. They even forced that garbage on our soldiers, until recently, when Trump got rid of it.

Democrats thought for sure coronavirus was their ticket to take over the presidency, the House and the Senate. They were wrong. They didn’t gain seats in Congress, they lost them. Who knows how much of an effect it had on the presidential election. They thought for sure it was going to be just like “Russia, Russia, Russia.”

The Russia campaign was very successful for the Democrats. Even though three years and tens of millions of dollars later didn’t result in a conviction or impeachment of President Trump, they took over the House. That shows you how powerful the media is. The media and the Democrat party worked hard, together, in their common hatred for President Trump and they succeeded in taking over a major political part of the United States of America.

This was why when coronavirus presented itself to the Democrats, they thought for sure they could use that to take over the world. I would say it definitely helped them get more votes for the presidential election, and that’s bad enough.

Read this article by Doctor Hodkinson where he explains how Democrats/liberals have used coronavirus as fear porn to manipulate people.

Is This The End Of America As We Know Her?

I pray America wakes up from her slumber and recognizes DEMOCRATS for what they ARE, FASCISTS AND TYRANTS. They have been calling Republicans those names for years, yet they are the ones WHO use technology to DOMINATE AND CONTROL American citizens.

Last week, Democrat-controlled social media deleted my Facebook user account, including 50+ groups, pages and over 8000 connections. I wasn’t the only one. Many conservatives were targeted because we don’t have the same groupthink as the tyrannical Democrats. In all sectors of technology Democrat’s are using their iron fisted control to stop everyone who disagrees with them from communicating.

Not long ago they deleted my LinkedIn account because I had the audacity to speak against Democrat-protected people. After some groveling I got it back, but Facebook said “sorry sucker, you’re out of here.”

Democrats promise they will take our guns away from us.

Why don’t we believe them?

Democrats promise they will end fracking, oil exploration, consumption of meat and dairy and they will force us into solar and wind.

Why don’t we believe them?

Democrats promise to use our government and social media to turn us into their vision of “decent” citizens.

Why don’t we believe them?

Democrats promised to protect criminal, illegal aliens, who murder, rape and attack America. The sanctuary cities are all over America.

Why didn’t we believe them?

Democrats said they would get rid of our police, the people who protect us from criminals.

Why didn’t we believe them?

Democrats promised to release criminals from jail so that they could pray on Americans once again.

Didn’t we believe them?

For years, Democrats have been calling Republicans fascists, tyrants, Nazis and white supremacists. They made those words dull, Just like if you take a knife and you grind the edge of it on a stone for years.

Those words no longer cut like they should. That’s why people can’t recognize Democrats as the fascists and tyrants whom they are. It doesn’t matter how much proof we give, those words are meaningless now to the average American.

Democrats use our schools from kindergarten through university to indoctrinate our children. Ask anyone under 30 today about the so-called switch of the political parties and they believe it’s true. They believe Republicans used to be Democrats and vice versa.

Democrats teach that they are the party of Abraham Lincoln.

Democrats teach Republicans with the ones in the KKK.

Democrats teach Republicans are the ones who whipped the blacks, sprayed them with fire hoses and sicced the dogs on them in the 60s.

Democrats teach that Americans slaughtered American Indians and gave them smallpox blankets to help kill them off. They don’t educate our children that Indians died from disease and that the smallpox blankets myth is just that, a myth.

Democrats teach that America was a horrible country who murdered countless Vietnamese. They don’t educate our children with the truth that communists and fascists/tyrants killed over 5 million people after we left that area.

Democrats teach that America, in an immoral and brutal act, used nuclear weapons on Japan. They don’t educate our children that at the time, Japan was a violent and brutal country.

Trump will win today, but unless America wakes up from their slumber, it’s a Pyrrhic victory. All we will wind up doing is kicking the can down the road as the Democrats consolidate their positions all over America.

Unfortunately, most likely, it’s time to start planning on how we are going to separate from these tyrants. They don’t want to live with us, they want to dominate over us. Democrats want to force us to think how they do and accept their worldview or be punished.

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“Town Hall?” More Like Democrat Hatchet Job

“Town Hall?” More Like Democrat Hatchet Job

“While Grandpa Gropes was being verbally caressed by Stephanopoulos on ABC, the president was subjected to a barrage of ridiculousness from a partisan, agenda-driven shrieking harridan in the form of Guthrie.”

Savannah Guthrie did a good job as the attack dog for the Democratic Party. Her hatred and disdain for President Trump was obvious throughout the event. I’m sure she got a big bonus for the vitriol which oozed from her lips.

One thing that’s obvious from public events where Democrats interact with President Trump, they have no respect for him. They don’t talk to him as if he is an equal, they talk to him as if he is an enemy of the state.

Nope, Democrats don’t even pretend to be fair.

PJMEDIA article