As Sweden segregates swimming pools to accommodate Muslims, battle of sexes surfaces

Why should the Western World “accommodate” Islam? No more men and women in the same swimming pools at the same time?


“What’s Going On In Venezuela in 5 Minutes”

Democrats want America to be like the rest of the world. Watch videos of what’s going on in Venezuela, and ask yourself, why would people vote for them?

This next video shows the insanity of Venezuela’s gun free zones in the murder capitol of the world.

Video – Democrats using children to make America suck again

Sad. These wretched and foul mouthed Democrat children today, will be Democrat politicians and media/reporters tomorrow.

Notice the Mexican flags and the cussing in Spanish.

we can’t just blame the Democrats though. As I have said many times, Republicans are just as responsible for America turning into MexAmerica. They turned a blind eye to illegal immigration so they could get cheap labor.

Europe committing “demographic suicide”

Europe is committing “demographic suicide.” My opinion? America is not far behind.