Democrats Cherry Pick Data While Profiting Billions

I get it, we’re all bored of “global warming” and just want to forget about it. Please take a few minutes to read this article. I promise you will look at things in a different light.

If people knew how much money Democrats have stolen from the United States treasury to pursue their myth of global warming, I believe a lot of Democrats would be spending more time behind bars than walking the streets.

If you watch this NASA video Where they follow CO2 levels, the argument might swing in their direction. You might want to arrest anyone who is a “denier.”


“Now, build the wall!”

“We’ve already done the first thing, we voted for President Trump. Now, build the wall!”

Dangerous Democrats have been hiding the statistics of the tens of thousands of Americans who have been raped and killed by illegal aliens. Many family members are coming together, demanding that Trump honor his promise to build a wall and protect us from these dangerous criminals.

Democrats are not looking out for American citizens. They are more concerned with bringing in Democrat-voting illegal aliens, regardless of the cost , crime and financial.

It Won’t Be Long Before Sweden Becomes Another Islamic State.

Swedish people took the blue pill, allowing pro-“immigration” politicians to fill their country with foreign-born non-Christians.

At 17% & climbing, it won’t be long before Sweden becomes another Islamic state.

Citizens know, SHARIA LAW IS COMING SOON.—finns-are-the-biggest-group-2017-3

Peaceful “Migrants?” “We Will Come Whether You Agree Or Not.”

Europeans are being overrun by people who want free money, housing and everything else. They also wish to remove Christian values and replace them with their own.

“I have come to stay forever, not work.”