“Christian, Yazidi Refugees Forced to Flee Germany from ISIS Persecution”

Think about it. Germany has allowed millions of Islamic “immigrants” to flood their country, most of them militant young men, who openly protest and riot in the streets, screaming how they will take over the country one day.

Christian & Yazidi refugees are now “Forced to Flee from ISIS Persecution.” Germans are committing national suicide.

This pattern is visible around the world. All western nations are being handed over to Islamic militants by liberals/Democrats. There is no doubt, it’s just a matter of time. Islamic law will become normal in every country.

It will happen slower in America. We didn’t open the floodgates like the rest of the world did. At least not to Muslims. Instead, we kicked the door wide open to Mexico and other Latino countries, allowing Latinos to take over America first.

Considering we went from 4 million Mexicans in 1964 to over 60 million today, you can see the writing on the wall. Since we continue to allow anchor babies, and thousands of Mexicans are still pouring over the “border” every day, well, you know.


As Democrats and liberal Republicans dominate federal elections because of this demographic shift, they will open the door completely to Islamic countries. Then, we, like the rest of the world, can expect this:

“It’s Now Up To Us To Save America, The Second Time

Dinesh D’Souza portrays what many of us are feeling, the second Civil War is here. “Lincoln saved America the first time, it’s now up to us to save America, the second time.”

Unfortunately, aided by the federal Republican Party, many of whom are just Democrats in disguise, Democrats brought ringers this time. Sixty million Democrat voting Latinos. because of this, Democrats will eventually win. Then, the frightening scenes Dinesh lays out for us are likely to come true.

Democrats do what’s best for the party, not what’s best for America. Federal Republicans do what’s best for their pocketbooks, not what’s best for the party. Just because federal Republicans wanted cheap labor, the federal Republican party will collapse, & America will collapse.

I don’t know why the American people were caught asleep. I guess it’s because the Democrat-controlled news and entertainment media kept the population distracted while they opened the floodgates to people who hate what America stands for.

Democrat-voting Latinos are angry people, just like the Democrat Party. That’s why they are calling all white people “racists.” Their rallying cry is “this is our country, and we will take it back.”

Democrat-voting Latinos don’t fly the American flag, they proudly fly the Mexican flag. Americans just don’t understand, one half of the entire population of Mexico is in the United States today.

Federal elections are it’s enough as they are. It’s a miracle a Republican president even gets elected. There are 15 million Democrat-voting Latinos waiting for a mass amnesty. The federal Republican Party is desperately trying to give it to them so they can make that cheap labor permanent, ignoring the fact this final action of theirs would be the end of the federal Republican Party.

The first video shows you the reality of what we’re up against with the Democrat-voting Latinos. The second video is Dineshs’ trailer for his upcoming movie.



FBI Traitors Must Be Arrested

THIS IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. This report shows “FBI Refusing to Give Congress Material That Alleges Loretta Lynch Interfered in Clinton Investigation.”

Democrats holding positions of power in government are a threat to the United States.

They are even more dangerous if they are a part of our intelligence services. TO them, THE DEMOCRAT PARTY comes first, LAW COMES SECOND.

People working for the United States government who refuse to obey United States law are criminals and traitors. This can’t be taken lightly. Republicans aren’t doing their jobs.

If they were, we would be hearing about a Democrat being arrested every day. The Republicans put together panels, getting exasperated with the Democrats who refuse to talk. But they won’t throw them in jail.

The Republican Party just isn’t up to the task. There are so many Democrats who poke the Republicans in the eyeballs every single day, challenging them to do something about it, and the Republicans never do anything.

Because of this, the border has been completely out of control for over 50 years, and tens of millions of emboldened illegals have poured into our great country and are telling us how they are going to “take it back.”

Comey should be in jail. Hillary should be in jail. Loretta Lynch should be in jail. There are countless Democrats who should be behind bars for a very long time, yet there’s not the slightest possibility any one of them will do any jail time in the near future.

If this were the other way around, Democrats would have no problem arresting every Republican who shifted in his chair wrong.

This cowardly Republican Party has to change. If they don’t grow a spine, soon, it’s the end of America as we know her.

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We just took one huge step toward becoming a Latino, socialist country.

When whites become a minority, will we be allowed to have a Congressional White Caucus?