Obama, a traitor Republicans are impotent to stop

Here’s a statement Obama made about our illegal immigration problems in Germany:

“Take me to your leader”

2015 will be the summer of “Take me to your leader.” Instead of illegals hiding from the border patrol, they’re going to be crossing the border with flares and flags, begging to be picked up.

Thanks to Barack Obama and the Democrats, every person around the world who’s ever wanted to come to America and get free citizenship, now has the opportunity.


Baltimore riots – Good example of why Democrats are dangerous

Now we know, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake gave the order to the police to stand down. Direct quote, “Let them loot, it’s only property.”

In addition, police officers were told to go to the top of the hill and just watch the carnage.


Europeans Stopping Immigration Suicide

Facing reality. Even the Socialists have recognized the importance of protecting their borders. They are preparing to destroy ships before they can be used to transport illegals.

This is the opposite of Barack Obama in the Democrats, who send invitations to illegals to invade our country and destroy what we stand for.