“The Truth About Sweden” 

DEMOCRATS/liberals around the world are dangerous. They’re not just ignorant, they ARE DANGEROUS!

Americans have no understanding of crime in America

When Donald Trump made comments about illegal Latinos and crime, Democrats screamed and called him a liar. Trump only scratched the surface. Crime in America, committed by illegal Latinos and minorities each year, is much worse!

 This article from American Thinker in 2015 should be required reading for every American citizen. Especially those who vote. The headline is:

Illegal Aliens Murder at a Much Higher Rate Than US Citizens Do

By Randall Hoven

 This chart puts a lot of things in perspective:


“Sann ingen – Welcome To the New Sweden (SHORT DOCUMENTARY)”

As Sweden segregates swimming pools to accommodate Muslims, battle of sexes surfaces

Why should the Western World “accommodate” Islam? No more men and women in the same swimming pools at the same time?