“This Is The End Of Hong-Kong.”

“This Is The End Of Hong-Kong.”

I believe what we see happening in Hong-Kong and Taiwan is now quickly happening in America. Democrats will erode our rights more and more, eventually eliminating free speech in public, as they have already done on the internet.

Democrats are no different than the Chinese Communist Party. They believe in rule by force just like them.

Democrats will continue to use hate speech as a weapon to silence all who disagree with them.

The American people have trusted politicians for too long. They didn’t realize the Republican party would allow Democrats to fill America with 65+ million socialist, Democrat-voting latinos. For 55 years, Federal Republicans have been traitors to the American people, lining their pockets with cheap labor, selling us out.

The End Of Pro-life Republicans

“U.S. aid to the U.N. should be used solely for “life-saving interventions” during the coronavirus crisis, and not for abortion or its promotion.”


I’m grateful for the time we have left with pro-life federal republicans in power. I’m certain President Trump will get elected again this year, but after this, it’s most likely the end for federal republicans, including the presidency.

I’ve been saying this over and over for at least 20 years. We allowed Democrat-voting, socialist “immigrants” to flood our country. Now, we can expect the socialist democrats to take over America.

Democrats Are Dangerous – To Americans.

“Federal judges have helped release nearly 200 illegal aliens into the United States — many convicted of murder, rape, and child sex crimes — in the midst of the Chinese coronavirus crisis.”

So they are sending swat teams out if someone wants to open up a Hair Salon, arresting the owners and throwing them in jail for 7 days. Yet illegals can do no wrong.

Not only are they being released from jail, if the illegals are rearrested, they are released on $0 bail. Yes, they can commit crimes and be arrested all day long. So far, up in California, they will just be released again.

Elections have consequences.


True Statistics Of Illegal Latino Crimes In America

Illegal immigrants, the majority of them latinos, only make up 7% of the United States population yet the crimes they commit are horrible and unbelievable!

Obviously democrats and establishment republicans don’t want you to see these numbers.

Think about it, these illegal latinos are only 7% of the population yet they commit 22% of the murders! 1/5 of all the murders in the United States of America are committed by a Latino who crossed the border or who came to America some other way illegally.

While our own state and federal governments are clamping down on American citizens who are struggling with pain because of the new medicine laws, we now learn 72% of all drug possession crimes are committed by illegal Latinos! Again, remember, they are only 7% of the American population.