Why Do Americans Vote For Their Own Destruction?

ANTI-CHRISTIAN, ANTI-AMERICAN DEMOCRATS continue their manipulation of American history. Can you imagine what it’s going to be like when they assume complete control? History books will portray conservatives as racist Nazis.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize the hatred Democrats have for America and God / Jesus Christ. We see it with every flag burning and every Christmas, where they demand Christmas decorations be taken down.

It just goes to show the power of control.

Democrats control entertainment, news, our schools, unions and politics. Where they haven’t taken complete control, they have infiltrated and distorted.

Pro-abortion, anti-American Democrats have even infiltrated our churches, and they manipulate culture by planting their own seeds in the minds of parishioners.

Heterosexual marriage is evil, the man in the dress, spreading AIDS and STDs all over America is good.

I used to think there was an inner voice people had that would nudge them when they encountered experiences of good and evil. Something that would help people make the right decisions.

As another year goes by and as another million humans in America are slaughtered by abortion, I’ve come to the frightful realization that people are so easily manipulated you never really know if you’re safe.

I’m sure this is how the Jews felt. I’m sure they never realized how evil mankind can be, and that they would be rounded up for extermination. I’m sure my family in Germany didn’t realize how bad things had gotten, until my grandfather was dragged into the streets and shot in the head by the Nazis.

People typically refer to this as the frog in the pot. The frog sits comfortably in the water, and as it gets hotter, perhaps he starts enjoying the warmth, not recognizing the deadly heat until it’s too late.

Our founding fathers gave us two important rights that should allow us to not go down that typical road of tyranny. Freedom of speech and the right to bear arms.

We have the right to say whatever we want, however disturbing and disgusting. Yet Democrats want to take that right away, claiming there are certain things that just shouldn’t be said. “Hate speech” should be forbidden according to the Democratic Party. No, not the vile filth that spews out from the average rapper who “sings” about violence, “bitches” and “hos,”

Democrats are actively banning people in social media with whom they disagree about anything. Every day they refer to Republicans as Nazis 100 times. So why wouldn’t they feel justified, stopping evil conservatives from speaking to the American public?

As their gun-control efforts get stronger and as they shut down freedom of speech, the water is boiling. Yet people still vote before anti-Christian, anti-freedom Democrats.

Will American citizens wake up in time?


Democrats successfully filled America with Democrat-voting Latinos who have no understanding of what it means to be American. They are taught that the white Americans who settled and developed this land were racist, evil occupiers who should be removed from the history books.

Unfortunately, Republicans were complicit in this destruction of American values. They wanted an unlimited supply of legal and illegal immigrants who would be willing to work for next to nothing.

If the federal politicians hadn’t opened the floodgates of “immigration,” American citizens would have likely stopped the destruction of this great country in time. You can see this with what’s happening in Europe.

The liberal European politicians tried to do the same thing, but as their countries started experiencing extreme cases and numbers of rape, robbery, violence and murder, European people are rising up, demanding to close the gates!

Unlike America, they still have a chance.

I guess there is still a possibility that the 70 million or so Latinos who have poured into and procreated in America over the last 50 years might turn against the anti-Christian, anti-freedom Democrat Party. It’s not likely. All they hear are the sounds of the Democrat drums that bang the word “RACIST, RACIST, RACIST” toward the Republican Party, all day, every day.

There are three things conservative Americans can do.

Pray, secede or leave.

No matter what, we can pray. If we take some of our states and secede from the union, we might hold onto freedom a little bit longer. Otherwise, eventually, we will have to leave.

Democrats will create a country where freedom of speech is forbidden.

We already have to tell our children to be careful what they say in school. With the Gestapo Democrats in control, if our children don’t tow the line, Democrats will send social services to our homes and take them away from us.

Did you ever think you would live in a country like that? Did you ever think America would become that kind of place?

As strange as this may sound, if we don’t secede from the union the irony will be escaping to socialist countries, who will likely have more freedom than America, after the tyrant Democrats have taken over.

Some people think I’m exaggerating. I wish I were. Democrats are already pushing forced homosexual and transsexual indoctrination in K-12. Drag queens who look like demons are reading storytelling books to five-year-olds.

There is already plenty of objectionable material being taught in schools, and if we demand they stop it, or if we demand they notify us first, they threaten to arrest us.

Many of you know what I’m talking about. You have already experienced the fear of saying what’s on your mind, afraid of what the Democrats could, and would, do to you.

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“How Tennis Exposes the Lie of Feminism.”

Tennis is a good example of how women don’t demand “equal pay,” they demand to be paid much more than men.

“Almost twice as many people would rather watch men play five sets, then women play three.”


“Gay Hip Hop Industry EXPOSED! BANNED Footage They NEVER PUBLISHED!

This isn’t white people reporting what’s going on in the black community, it’s the black community exposing the homosexual hip hop culture.

“Blank actors always asked to wear a dress.”

“Europe Is Finished,” And America Is Not Far Behind.

Yes, “Europe is finished,” and America is not far behind.

This new world order is frightening. The “progressive” Democrats pretend everybody should have a right to be who they want to be. Unless you want you and your children to be straight heterosexuals. Then, they will use guns to force you to march to their beat.

Progressives will take children away from conservatives, calling them child abusers. Many of these people who push this agenda are homosexual, child predators and pedophiles. They are the real child abusers.


Update 2/20/18
Child taken away by homosexual-controlled United States government. Why? Because parents refuse to refer to their daughter with the male gender name she has chosen, and because they will not consent to hormone treatments.

The parents argued their 17-year old daughter was not “even close to being able to make such a life-altering decision at this time.”

THE GOVERNMENT “claimed the parents were opposed to their daughter transitioning to become a male because of their Christian religious beliefs.

Last I heard, parents were allowed to make important decisions like that for their children. Not anymore. Now that the new world order government is taking control, our snowflake children have control more than ever before.

The snowflake’s attorney said she “had to wear dresses and use her birth name.


The attorney for the parents says:

If the maternal grandparents were to be given custody, it would simply be a way for the child to circumvent the necessity of parents’ consent. Parents believe custody of the child should be restored to them, so they can make the medical decisions they believe are in their child’s best interest until [the child] turns 18 years of age.

the fascist government also allows the grandparents to help the girl get a male name.

CNN says “There can be significant harm in delaying or withholding care of any kind.”

Hmm, you mean the kind of harm where the girl suddenly decides she doesn’t want to be a boy anymore?


They are also having a lot of success shutting down free-speech. They say we are committing “hate crimes,” and they call speech “violence.”

If they don’t shut down your YouTube channel, website or other kind of show, Democrats will demonetize you, so that you can’t make money.

Many of us have been talking about this for a long time. People ignored us and laughed. They said it would never happen.

Well, here we are.