No “Gay” Gene

SURPRISE! “In the end, the researchers were unable to find any specific genetic patterns that could ultimately be used to predict or identify an individual’s sexual orientation.”

Hmm, you mean homosexuality is taught?

And our children are taught by “Gays?”

The Result Of Controlling The American School System

Democrats have successfully manipulated the minds of our children, making them Anti-American, anti-God and anti-family.

I agree, in many cases, the apathy of the parents contributed to these results.

Yeah, these whiny cucks are the future of America.

The Bullied Have Become The Bullies

At the moment, we are only threatened with our jobs if we don’t comply with homosexual indoctrination. Soon, Democrats/liberals will stick rifles in our faces and demand compliance.

Remember, all scientists and psychologists agree, there is no “gay gene.”

The bullied have become the bullies.

“Pride Month Is Child Abuse”

There’s no doubt, “Pride Month” is child abuse.

There’s a difference between accepting people for who they are, and allowing homosexuals to indoctrinate our children.

Since there is no “gay gene,” obviously, HOMOSEXUALITY IS LEARNED BEHAVIOR.