Global Cooling

“Grand Solar Minimum” Goes Mainstream — “Narrative Shift Complete!”

Even the democrat-controlled media is now admitting what everyone around the world is already experiencing. The world is getting colder❄!

Grand Solar Minimum Websites

There are some great websites that have tons of great material on the Grand Solar Minimum. I will list a few here, but I will put up a permanent page arms link in the next few days.

Adapt 2030

Oppenheimer Ranch Project


25+ NASA Scientists Question ‘Man-Made Global Warming

The right climate stuff research team is made up of former NASA scientists who disagree with Al Gore and the other climate criminals who have hijacked science.

THE GREAT GLOBAL WARMING SWINDLE – The Biggest Scam Of modern Time

Democrats / liberals around the world have latched on to the biggest cash cow in history. Politicians use pretend science to pick our pockets.

It’s time to stand up to these global warming / climate change thieves!