Election 2020

Democrats Continue Acting Like Dictators

PA LT. GOV. JOHN FETTERMAN, it is our right as United States citizens to challenge any election we want to! YOU, sir, DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO TELL AMERICANS TO just SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP after an election!

It is your duty and responsibility to make sure our ballots are available to be confirmed up to 22 months after an election. We have a right to challenge any election, regardless of your personal beliefs and hatred for us!

Gov. John Fetterman, you work for us, the American people. You don’t tell us what to do!


“We are living through a moment of comprehensive brainwashing”

“What they are trying to do is to cancel out truth. This is more than a battle of ideas which is what should normally be. This is a battle to destroy the concept of an idea that you cannot have ideas.” Rabbi Aryeh Spero

Republicans Aren’t Terrorists

Why aren’t all the DEMOCRATS who “VIOLENTLY” TOOK OVER THE SENATE building arrested? Why aren’t they considered terrorists?

What about all the violent, Democrat terrorists who burned, looted and murdered all across America for 10 months?


No, since Democrats control the media, only Republicans, people who commit .00000001% of the crimes, are the ones who are targeted.

Democrats have the gall to accuse President Trump and Republicans of committing sedition and insurrection. This is rich, coming from people who burn the American flag, take God out of country and destroy statues of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.


Corrupt Democrat-controlled FBI Helping Biden Win

The “Federal Bureau of I Help Democrats Win Elections” is illegally sending ballots to be shredded, even though the ballots are legally supposed to be preserved for election integrity. Since when does the FBI step in & help a political party win elections?