Another Important Coronavirus Video Blocked By The Democrat Party And Their Social Media

Another Important Coronavirus Video Blocked By The Democrat Party And Their Social Media

Democrats continue to block information about coronavirus they don’t agree with. Monday’s live stream by “America’s Frontline Doctors” was shut down after it had 17 MILLION VIEWS. President Trump, please direct the world to this video at Breitbart. (Link at the bottom)

“There has not been one case of covied having been transferred to a teacher in the world.”

Don’t you think that’s information the American people deserve to hear? Why are democrats blocking everything they disagree with?

As usual, the Democrat playbook is “don’t let a crisis go to waste.” They are using the virus to further their agenda. Democrats are demanding that we defund the police before they allow children back in school. What does this have to do with our children getting educated?

It’s obvious why the Democrat news outlets and social media are banning this press conference. DEMOCRATS ARE INTENTIONALLY KILLING AMERICAN CITIZENS. Yes, you read that correctly, democrats are intentionally killing us.

They are responsible for at least 70,000 to 100,000 American deaths, so far.

Why would they do this? Power. There is no other answer. Well, of course they want to get rid of President Trump, and that will give them more power!

Democrats will have you believe this is just a conspiracy theory. Social media will say this is all untrue.

Decide for yourself.

Either these doctors are real and they are telling the truth, or they are spreading disinformation. If you believe this is the truth, then you know democrats will stop at nothing to achieve power, including killing as many people as necessary.

In case the sounds like too much, in case you think accusing the Democrat party of murder is out of line, remember abortion. The Democrat party is responsible for abortion.

This law that they snuck through the Supreme Court in 1973 is responsible for over 70 MILLION DEAD BABIES. Yes, democrats have already murdered 70 million babies! They are already all-in.

Independents, conservatives, and yes, even democrats, it’s time to speak up against the social media monopoly! It’s time for the 21st century great awakening. Tell your friends and family.

Click here to take the red pill and wake up!

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“There has never been a medical deception so vast.” In other words, DEMOCRATS are INTENTIONALLY KILLING AMERICAN CITIZENS in order to remove President Trump from office.

Democrats Are Exposed By The Riots

Democrats Are Exposed By The Riots

America is in flames & our leaders refuse to end it. Many of these police chiefs, mayors & governors are DEMOCRATS who SIDE WITH THE CRIMINAL THUGS. Their daughters actively participate & help the terrorists.

Republicans aren’t free and clear of the stupidity that we are witnessing right now. Nikki Haley, Former Republican governor of South Carolina had the gall to say:

Are We Actually Giving Up Freedom In America?

Are We Actually Giving Up Freedom In America?

“It is hard not to be disgusted by government enforcers who would brutally drag an elderly man away from a restaurant for the ‘crime’ of wanting to take his wife out for breakfast on Mother’s Day.”


Shame on the politicians who help create the “new normal.”

“Politicians with perfect haircuts issue “executive orders” that anyone cutting hair for mere private citizens must be arrested.”

Republicans and democrats should be working together to make America a better place. Instead, it’s as if they are competing to see who can do the worst while we struggle with the coronavirus pandemic.

Democrats want to keep the world locked down forever while they steal every tax dollar that has ever been earned and every tax dollar that will ever be earned.

On the other hand republicans just shrug their shoulders saying “what’s the big deal? It’s not as bad as the flu.” Meanwhile, millions of people are being infected, hundreds of thousands are dying and republicans act like it’s just a walk in the park.

There are constant arguments about everything, from the effectiveness of wearing masks and protective equipment, how many ventilation machines we need, the distance required for proper social distancing, the number of people that should be in a group and so on. Meanwhile, without a proper, perminent solution for how to deal with the virus day-to-day, both sides are just doing whatever they feel like it. This is resulting in needless suffering and death.

Republicans and democrats, neither of you should try to dominate over the other. You should both sit down at the table and try to come up with a solution that’s good for the American people. Neither of you will get everything you want, but the American people will get what they need, true leadership!