Murdering The Elderly


Think about it.

Instead of sending thousands of infected coronavirus patients to the United States hospital ship the USS Comfort, which was sent to New York by President Trump, governor Cuomo sent them to nursing homes instead, infecting and killing thousands of elderly people.

Then he passed laws protecting himself from lawsuits.

The Democrat moral high ground has been built on the bodies of 70+ million dead babies and thousands of dead old people.

Tyranny Is Taking Over The “Free World”

Tyranny Is Taking Over The “Free World”

What do liberal, fascist politicians have police officers doing in “the free world.” This is what you get if you vote for Democrats.

WOMEN ARE BEING CHOKED AND THROWN TO THE GROUND because they aren’t wearing masks. Things like this have happened in America.

Don’t believe me? Check out this fascist American police officer TAZE and arrest a mother in front of her children for not wearing a mask. They weren’t near anyone else. Democrat tyranny is already here, it’s not “coming.”

Removing That Pesky Freedom Of Speech Problem

This is what Democrats want, no freedom of speech. In Australia, Germany & England, fascists are arresting people who speak out against tyranny.

In this case, a German doctor in London was telling the truth about coronavirus and the English government didn’t like it.

We are not far behind. When Democrats take over in 2024, this will happen.


It has now been proven that the Chinese Communist Party created the Chinese virus as a biological weapon.

The entire world was affected by coronavirus / the Chinese virus, with many dead and over $1 trillion in cost. It’s time to hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable!

Dr. Lawrence Sellin: The Unequivocal Evidence Chinese Scientist Dr. Li-Meng Yan Provides Proof COVID-19 was Created by China’s Military