Democrats Importing Coronavirus

Coronavirus is deadly, unless it isn’t. Democrats force us to stay in our homes and shut down our businesses while they import millions of Democrat-voting, coronavirus-infected citizens from other countries.

How many thousands of American citizens will be infected and killed just so that Democrats can get more votes? How is it possible the Republican Party has been so inept for 60 years, unable to stop 70 million Latinos, over half the population of Mexico, from flowing into the United States.

It’s Time To Resist Democrat Tyranny

Think about it.

WORKING AMERICANS STARVE, have to go broke, lose our jobs and lose our homes while DEMOCRAT DIRECTORS, ACTORS AND FOOTBALL PLAYERS continue getting PAID MILLIONS.

Ignore these tyrants, open your businesses and go back to work!


Governor Cuomo – Turkey Of The Day

The turkey of the day is governor Andrew Cuomo! Sharing the spot at the table with him is liberal, anti-American, anti-Christian Justice John Roberts.

The hero of the day is Justice Amy Coney Barrett!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Coronavirus- The Truth