Climate Stupidity

Open letter to “Creation Care” and Christians on “climate change”

In the past, I have supported an organization known as “Creation Care” in their efforts to reduce mercury pollution, since it was proven that one third of all babies were born with high levels of mercury in their blood. Today, I received a letter asking me to support their new effort, climate change. The email headline was titled “National Association of Evangelicals Issues Strong Resolution on Creation Care and Climate.” Click here to read the official statement.

This was my response:


Watch “Sen. Cruz Questions Sierra Club President Aaron Mair on Climate Change” on YouTube

Obama “The world is warming and I’m taking your money.”

Obama “The world is warming, and I’m taking your money.”

Scientist’s rebuttal, “Here is scientific evidence proving how you’re wrong.”


Obama’s answer “The world is warming, and I’m taking your money.”

Donate today and save the sun from going out!

The sun is young, only half its age, and in a short 5 billion years, it will be gone! We need your help to make it shine bright, as long as possible.

In all seriousness, I clicked this link at a conservative website, thinking it really couldn’t be an ad for global warming/climate change. After all, there was a sad picture of a polar bear, so there’s no way this could be serious. It had to be a hoax, right?