Climate Stupidity

While America Shuts Down Coal, China Opens Up 500 New Power Plants!

Think about it. Democrats are shutting down American coal, forcing Americans to pay higher and higher energy costs and lose our jobs, while Obama “negotiated” with CHINA, who IS expanding their coal operations, OPENING HUNDREDS OF new POWER PLANTS. Insane!

Headline reads:

“Germany, a poster child for responsible energy, is renouncing nuclear and coal.”

Really? Are you sure it’s not left-wing nutjobs forcing all of Germany to obey, or else? Of course they are!

The German people don’t want massive energy cost increases!

The article continues:

The Berlin government, in a report issued this month, said the situation was secure, and shortfalls could be offset by better energy efficiency, a steadily rising supply of solar and wind power as well as electricity imports.

“Electricity imports.” Yeah. You mean Germany is going to be forced to buy more expensive nuclear power from France, who hasn’t banned nuclear.

This is what it is like to live under Democrat/socialist rule. Completing the biggest power (no pun intended) grab in history, liberals/Democrats are giving trillions of “green” $$$$$ to their friends and families, ensuring that absolute, nepotism power rules, absolutely.

“Yellowstone Supervolcano, Emergency Evacuation of Dorm, Sinks 10″ in 2 days”

“The government” doesn’t want you to know what they are thinking, it’s possible that Yellowstone could blow!

YouTuber talking about some of the latest events

Technically, a Yellowstone eruption would be an ELE event. For those of you unfamiliar with “end of the world” movies, ELE stands for “Extinction Level Event.”

Look, I’m not saying it’s going to erupt tomorrow, I’m saying it COULD erupt tomorrow. It’s certainly way overdue to erupt, and the seismic action coming out of that area over the last year is definitely disconcerting.

One of the things that has scientists concerned is that Yellowstone has more than one magma chamber. We have discovered a “previously unknown magma reservoir under Yellowstone it “hides enough magma to fill the Grand Canyon 11 times over!”

Click here to read about that
The next video is a documentary about what would happen if Yellowstone erupted.

Now that we’re heading into the Grand Solar Minimum, there are more earthquakes, and more volcanic eruptions.

Here is my interview with former NASA scientist and presidential advisor, John Casey. It will leave you stunned!
The media has been hiding what’s coming, and it’s up to us to educate ourselves so we can Survive and Thrive during the coming Ice Age.

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As Usual, Weather Companies shriek “Human Produced Greenhouse Gases”

This is the email I sent to Weather Underground:

As human-produced greenhouse gases continue to warm our climate?”

You’re going to run with that tired old yarn? How do you allow yourselves to be so brain-dead? I thought Democrats were the ones who would “question authority?”

Just do 10 minutes of research and you will see “human produced greenhouse gases” are a total myth!

If the water was really baking hot in the Atlantic, wouldn’t we have more and stronger hurricanes?

For over 30 years we were threatened that hurricanes would be more frequent and more intense. Neither have happened. Don’t you wonder why?

Don’t be shills for the Democrat party. Think for yourselves!