Climate Stupidity

Ironically, Liberal Eco Terrorists Are Destroying The World

Australia is burning!

No, not because of climate change, because of liberals.

When the weather doesn’t do what these people want it to do, they take matters into their own hands, preventing controlled burns & lighting fires, KILLING DOZENS OF PEOPLE.

Maybe someday people will hold these liberal nut jobs accountable for the massive amount of property destruction and the lives they have taken.

Democrats And Liberals Are Misleading The World

Democrats continue to show us fake charts. Take a look at this one. It’s obvious we are headed into another ICE AGE! Why do we listen to democrats, people who are pointing us in the wrong direction.

Global warming is not happening. Yes, climate change is real, and mankind has nothing to do with it.

While America Shuts Down Coal, China Opens Up 500 New Power Plants!

Think about it. Democrats are shutting down American coal, forcing Americans to pay higher and higher energy costs and lose our jobs, while Obama “negotiated” with CHINA, who IS expanding their coal operations, OPENING HUNDREDS OF new POWER PLANTS. Insane!

Headline reads:

“Germany, a poster child for responsible energy, is renouncing nuclear and coal.”

Really? Are you sure it’s not left-wing nutjobs forcing all of Germany to obey, or else? Of course they are!

The German people don’t want massive energy cost increases!

The article continues:

The Berlin government, in a report issued this month, said the situation was secure, and shortfalls could be offset by better energy efficiency, a steadily rising supply of solar and wind power as well as electricity imports.

“Electricity imports.” Yeah. You mean Germany is going to be forced to buy more expensive nuclear power from France, who hasn’t banned nuclear.

This is what it is like to live under Democrat/socialist rule. Completing the biggest power (no pun intended) grab in history, liberals/Democrats are giving trillions of “green” $$$$$ to their friends and families, ensuring that absolute, nepotism power rules, absolutely.