Democrats Continue the Fight for Child-Killing

America continues to be one of the most brutal countries in the world, allowing the slaughter of living humans in the womb all the way up to the moment of delivery.

Only six countries out of 200 allow shredding/killing living babies in the womb after 20 weeks.

Child killing through all nine months is one of the Democrat Party’s biggest issues. The federal Republican Party is just as complicit in the 65 million+ murdered humans in the United States since 1973.

Federal Republicans refuse to end abortion. They have had many chances, but they don’t even try.

I make sure to stipulate “federal” Republicans.

State Republicans are working hard to end abortion. Credit must be given where credit is due.

While Democrats continue the fight for child-killing, federal Republicans, in my opinion, are worse than them. At least we know where Democrats stand.

Federal Republicans pretend to be pro-life. To them pro-life is just a word. They use it to get elected, that’s all.

Laughing at Abortion

Not long ago, DEMOCRATS pretended a baby in the womb was a “lifeless clump of cells.” Now, with “comedy” statements like “You know, you’ve got to get that baby out of there,” it’s obvious they’re not trying to hide their KNOWLEDGE OF BABY KILLING anymore.

If Democrats had their way, they would do an entire show on evil, pro-life Republicans who won’t allow modern, free-thinking women to use abortion to kill their children.

Democrats just don’t have enough dominance over America, yet, to do that sort of thing. Most Americans believe laughing at abortion is not the right thing to do.

I don’t doubt they will control America enough in the future to be able to get away with something like that. Fortunately, that time isn’t now.

“Respectful” Disposal of Slaughtered Human Beings?

AFTER CHILDREN are BRUTALLY SLAUGHTERED by abortionists, Bio-Haz Solutions CEO DAVID HENRITZYIT claims his company DISPOSES of the BODIES of aborted babies in a “reverent and respectful way.”

“I’m Not Hitler, Trump Is”

Democrat candidate Perry Gershon pulls the “Hitler”card. It’s unbelievable how often Democrats do that.

It’s as if they have nothing better to say than “I’m not Hitler, Trump is.”


Liberals in England are just as tyrannical as liberals / Democrats in America. The tyrants on the other side of the pond, are calling for an end to clapping. They claimclapping ‘triggers anxiety,’ asks attendees (of a student feminism conference) to use ‘jazz hands’ instead.”

Think about it. There are countless examples of liberals / Democrats controlling and manipulating people all over the world, yet they claim Republicans are the tyrants and Nazis.

I’m tired of liberals / Democrats playing the Hitler card. Every time they do it, conservatives / Republicans should say to them “we’re not the ones pushing for abortion, the murder of 43 million people around the world every year, you are.”

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